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Wrestling for Life NCAA Challenge

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Wrestling for Life NCAA Challenge

Postby CowboyUp61 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:00 pm

Gentlemen, and other wrestling fans;
With Jim at Wrestling for Life’s blessing, we are continuing the spirit of friendly competition while supporting the growth of our sport, thought maybe we could get an across the boards bragging rights challenge for the NCAA tournament going. I know it is 5 months away, but it is never too early to start thinking about Wrestling for Life and growing the sport we all love. Plus, you can start saving money to donate!
Rules are simple;
1. Openly pledge any amount per team point scored by your team at the NCAA tournament to be donated to Wrestling For Life. MAKE SURE TO DESIGNATE YOUR TEAM. Example: CowboyUp61 pledges $1 per point for OKLA STATE. If OSU scores 150 team points, my donation would be $150.00. Any amount is welcome, and appreciated. If you don’t want to keep track, you can just donate a flat amount, and it counts for your board! Any receipt posted(to WFL ) dated after the original post is made, through April 2nd counts!
2. ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR PLEDGE, and post your receipt by April 2. (Nobody likes someone who skips out on a charity donation!)
3. The winning board and team will be decided by the amount of receipts to WFL posted by April 2.
4. The winning board gets an electronic trophy they can pin to the top of the board. Not to mention bragging rights for the next year.
5. One lucky soul who contributed to the winning board will receive a gift pack of clothing and memorabilia from the University they support worth approximately $150.00.
6. All who donate get the knowledge their money went to provide shoes to those that otherwise may not have them, tickets to events for kids who otherwise may never be able to attend, and that these young kids may stick with wrestling due to your support!
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