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VT's Carter & Neibert Win 12/4 Penn State Open Titles

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VT's Carter & Neibert Win 12/4 Penn State Open Titles

Postby Allen Brown » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:04 pm

December 4, 2011

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Devin Carter and Zach Neibert each won individual titles at the competitive Nittany Lion Open Sunday, hosted by Penn State University. Carter went 5-0 at 133 pounds while Neibert went 5-0 at 141 pounds.

Also placing were: Jarrod Garnett (fifth at 125), Erik Spjut (third at 125), Pete Yates (third at 165), John Dickson (third at 184), Angelo Malvestuto (sixth at 184) and Nick Vetterlein (sixth at 197) also placed for the Hokies.

Below are all of the results from this weekend, including Saturday’s Davidson Open where Chad Strube won a title. Results marked with an asterisk do not count toward one’s record as they were against non-NCAA competitors.

The Hokies will take off several weekends before competing in the Midlans Open on Dec. 29 and 30 in Chicago.

Nittany Lion Open Results

125: Jarrod Garnett (unattached; 5-1; FIFTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Sean Walton (Buffalo), 10-3
Second Round: def. David White (Army), 5-3
Quarterfinals: lost to Coltin Fought (NC State), MD 16-7
Consolations: def. Nashion Garrett (FLWC), 9-7 *
Consolations: def. Connor Youtsey (Army Prep), 8-1 *
Fifth-Place Match: def. David Terao (American), 10-3

125: Erik Spjut (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. Nick Lamoreaux (Kutztown), Fall 4:42
Second Round: def. Nathan Santhanam (Army), MD 12-4
Quarterfinals: def. Mark Maestrey (Rider), MD 8-0
Semifinals: lost to Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State), 3-2
Third-Place Match: def. Jordan Conaway (Penn State), 4-0

133: Devin Carter (5-0; CHAMPION)
First Round: def. Chad Deno (Centreal Michigan), MD 19-3
Second Round: def. Evan Yenolewich (Kutztown), Fall 3:25
Quarterfinals: def. Erik Galloway (Pittsburgh), MD 19-9
Semifinals: def. Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia), 8-5
Championship: def. Nick Arujua (FLWC), MD 17-7 *

141: Zach Neibert (5-0; CHAMPION)
First Round: def. Nick Heilman (North Carolina), MD 8-0
Second Round: def. Devin Cook (Clarion), MD 10-1
Quarterfinals: def. Michael Depalma (Edinboro), 5-3
Semifinals: def. Frank Goodwin (Maryland), MD 8-0
Championship: def. Kevin Smith (Buffalo), 7-3

149: Nick Murray (0-1)
First Round: lost to Joe Orrechio (Bucknell), Fall 5:35

149: Lex Ozias (unattached; 2-2)
First Round: def. Zach Baumgartner (Edinboro), Fall 6:41
Second Round: lost to Steve Sambs (Columbia), 3-1 (sv)
Consolations: def. Greg Flournoy (George Mason), med. def.
Consolations: lost to Christian Barber (North Carolina), 5-3

157: Cameron Hurd (0-1)
First Round: lost to John Regan (Bucknell), Fall 5:40

157: Matt Stephens (unattached; 4-2)
First Round: def. Jacob Schultz (Kent State), MD 18-4
Second Round: def. Roman Perryman (West Virginia), MD 10-2
Third Round: lost to James Fleming (Clarion), MD 9-0
Consolations: def. Ryan Watts (Michigan State), 7-4
Consolations: def. Jacob Salazar (Michigan), 2-0
Consolations: lost to Eric Fajardo (Columbia), Fall 2:16

165: Pete Yates (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. Nijel Jones (NC State), Fall 1:28
Second Round: def. Troy Lamson (Michigan State), Fall 1:26
Quarterfinals: def. Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo), MD 12-3
Semifinals: lost to David Taylor (Penn State), Fall 4:40
Third-Place Match: def. John Asper (Maryland), forfeit

174: Austin Gabel (unattached; 0-1)
First Round: lost to James Mannier (Navy), 5-1

174: Chris Moon (3-2)
First Round: def. Cody Walters (Ohio), 5-4
Second Round: lost to Matthew Brown (Penn State), MD 14-4
Consolations: def. Mark Colabucci (West Virginia), 6-2
Consolations: def. Robert Doyle (Army), MD 12-2
Consolations: lost to Frankie McLaughlin (George Mason), 8-4

184: John Dickson (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. Christopher Heald (Michigan), 11-6
Second Round: def. Bobby Blankenship (Cleveland State), 7-0
Quarterfinals: def. Travis Mallo (Army Prep), 8-6 *
Semifinals: lost to Quentin Wright (Penn State), MD 15-1
Third-Place Match: def. Caleb Gerl (Cal Baptist), 4-1

184: Angelo Malvestuto (5-2; SIXTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Matt Miller (Navy Prep), 11-8 *
Second Round: lost to Cole baxter (Kent State), Fall 3:33
Consolations: def. Christopher Heald (Michigan), MD 11-2
Consolations: def. Zach Heffner (Lock Haven), Fall 1:55
Consolations: def. Alex Najjar (Maryland), MD 11-1
Consolations: def. Matthew Snook (Maryland), 2-1
Fifth-Place Match: lost to John Rizqallah (Michigan State), 6-1

197: Nick Vetterlein (6-2; SIXTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Tyler Deuel (Binghamton), Fall 3:51
Second Round: def. Jonathan Moore (Pitt-Johnstown), 8-6
Third Round: lost to Daniel Mitchell (American), 7-0
Consolations: def. Shane Hughes (Columbia), 11-5
Consolations: def. Nathan Silvus (Cleveland State), Fall 1:17
Consolations: def. Tim Murphy (Hofstra), Fall 2:00
Consolations: def. Cody Reed (Binghamton), Fall 0:28
Fifth-Place Match: lost to Alex Thomas (Clarion), 10-7

285: Bobby Lavelle (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: def. Brad Castronovo (Boston), Fall 2:17
Second Round: lost to Jonathan Gingrich (Penn St), MD 11-3
Consolations: lost to Kevin Lester (Columbia), 9-2

285: Chris Penny (2-2)
First Round: def. Caleb Baker (Edinboro), MD 19-2
Second Round: def. Eloheim Palma (NC State), 7-3
Quarterfinals: lost to Nicholas Ruggear (Penn State), 7-4
Consolations: lost to Kevin Lester (Columbia), 13-9

Davidson Open Results

125 Matt Peters (4-2; FOURTH PLACE)
First round: def. Gabriel Roberts (Limestone), Fall 1:25
Second Round: def. Eric Brown (Saint Andrews), MD 15-2
Quarterfinals: def. Daniel Gallagher (Chattanooga), TF 15-0 (6:28)
Semifinals: lost to Matt Zarth (Davidson), 9-7
Consolations: def. Eric Brown (Saint Andrews), 8-4
Third-Place Match: lost to Peter Terrezza (Duke), MD 13-4

133: Jordan O’Donnell (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Justin Branham (Liberty), 14-7
Quarterfinals: def. Joseph Morrison (Appalachian State), 11-5
Semifinals: lost to Brandon Gambucci (Duke), 4-0
Consolations: def. Aaron Hansen (Citadel), 9-4
Third-Place Match: def. Joseph Morrison (Appalachian State), 5-3

157: Chad Strube (5-0; CHAMPION)
First Round: def. Matthew Moses (Belmont-Abbey), Fall 3:45
Second Round: def. Chase Boontjer (Liberty), 5-0
Quarterfinals: def. Alex Kooser (Chattanooga), 2-0
Semifinals: def. Edward Gottwald (VMI), 9-2
Championship: def. Andrew DeHart (Duke), 5-1

165: Issah Meade (3-2)
First Round: def. Zachary Barkett (Cumberlands), 7-5
Second Round: def. Mark Busse (Liberty), 5-3
Quarterfinals: lost to Kenneth Radford (Citadel), 3-2
Consolations: def. Daniel McGillivray (Limestone), 4-2
Consolations: lost to John Lampe (Chattanooga), 5-3

197: Darren Hankins (1-2)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Logan Raabe (Limestone), Fall 3:34
Quarterfinals: lost to Zach Anderson (Newberry), 8-2
Consolations: lost to Jordan Denmark (Anderson), 8-6

285: Dan Garwood (2-2)
First Round: lost to James De La Riva (UNC-Pembroke), 6-2
Consolations: def. Will Robinson (Belmont-Abbey), MD 14-6
Consolations: def. Phillip Sharp (Belmont-Abbey), Fall 3:58
Consolations: lost to John Gibson (Newberry), 2-1

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