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Prediction Engine built-in to Comparisons

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Prediction Engine built-in to Comparisons

Postby andegre » Tue May 17, 2016 8:39 am

Now that the prediction engine is being used in the new dual rankings process, I was able to get this implemented into the dual and wrestler comparison pages. Unfortunately, I have a bug in the wrestler comparison version so that isn't working yet. But the dual comparison version works great.

On the dual rankings page, at the top their will be a "WrestleStat Prediction" that will be for the dual. Then for each weight, there will be another "WrestleStat Prediction" that is for that individual match.

This can also be used to figure out which teams beat which teams in the dual rankings process.

Here's an example dual comparison that shows the WrestleStat Prediction:

http://testwrestlestat.azurewebsites.ne ... ohio-state

Go ahead and try out any combination you want and let me know how you like it:

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