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WrestleStat Tourney Pool for NCAA Championships

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WrestleStat Tourney Pool for NCAA Championships

Postby andegre » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:55 pm

If anyone would like to join the fun, here's a link to the page that lists all of the groups. The WrestleStat group is called "WrestleStat NCAA Group". I will be giving away prizes for the top 3 placers.

If you don't want to join that group, you can create your own public, or private group and invite your friends.

Remember, this is all free!


Quick reminder of the rules/format:

Note: Seeds will be updated tonight after the brackets are released.

1) You must select 10 wrestlers, 1 at each weight
2) You have UP TO 1000 points to use
3) Each wrestler is assigned a value, based on their seed at their weight
4) 3 tie-breaker questions for 1st place team point total, 2nd place team point total, and 3rd place team point total
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