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WrestleStat Final Rankings prior to conference tournaments (

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WrestleStat Final Rankings prior to conference tournaments (

Postby andegre » Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:32 pm

Here are the rankings to get ready for conference tournaments.

Wrestler Rankings: http://www.wrestlestats.com/rankings/all

Tournament Rankings: http://www.wrestlestats.com/rankings/tournament

Team Rankings: http://www.wrestlestats.com/rankings/team

Also, TourneyTime has been turned back on now that we are ready for the conference tournaments. If you're not aware of what this is...

Tourney Time is a bracket-pool type of fantasy option that I created last year. It's similar to NCAA basketball brackets where you can have a group of people that you want to compete against. You fill out your bracket, 1 wrestler at each weight. Each wrestler, based on their SEED, is assigned a point value. You are only able to use 1000 points across your ten selections. For a tie-breaker, there are 3 questions 1st place team points, 2nd place team points, and 3rd place team points.

One thing to note, because entering these results is EXTREMELY time-intensive, I can't guarantee that these will be updated real-time. I will do my best, but it could be a day or two before all results are entered.

Again, just like everything else on WrestleStat, THIS IS ALL FREE!

How does it work:

PreSeeds can be setup based on what we believe they will be, but once the official PreSeeds are released, then they will get updated. Any group coordinators are able to setup the PreSeeds. Keep in mind, if you set the PreSeeds, you are setting them up for all groups for that tournament, not just the group that you are coordinating.
After PreSeeds are set, from your group admin page, you can send out a mass-email to all of the people registered in your group to send them your own custom message (something like, "hey, set your picks!"). Each participant can then go to the group, and make their selections.
Once the tournament has started, the group admin/coordinators are able to enter match results, or they can wait for me. AGAIN, if you enter match results, you are entering for ALL groups for that tournament, not just your own. Please make sure the results are accurate.
As results get entered, your group's leaderboard will be updated automatically, as well as the global leaderboard for that tournament...just to see how you fare against everyone else.

Have fun with this, you all can bet between your groups, but WrestleStat can't/shouldn't do that part...

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