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Notice to users of WrestleStat

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Notice to users of WrestleStat

Postby andegre » Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:11 pm

WrestleStat is in the middle of a transition between host providers (the people that actually run the website on their servers). During this transition, you should see a message on the homepage.

As soon as the DNS change, URL change goes into affect, the warning message will immediately go away. (This is where www.wrestlestats.com points to)

How does this affect you? Once the transition is complete, I will have to manually copy any changes from the old database, to the new database. What changes will be affected:
1) Feature Match/Fantasy Pick'Em selections
2) New users
3) Changed passwords
4) Starter status for wrestlers
5) Class/eligibility year for wrestlers
6) Redshirt status for wrestlers
7) New recruits
8) wrestler transfers

If I've left anything out, it will get updated because I'll be able to do an automatic comparison between the two databases.

Why am I doing this?
1) Moving to a better host provider that offers more configuration
2) Ability to scale up the system when under higher load
3) Better diagnostics
4) Current/old host provider was "mysteriously" losing database connection from the website...once they started offering a more expensive plan, and phasing out the plan that I currently run on

(I'm guessing you can figure out which of those 4 really prompted this change)

Anyway, if you've made any changes that can't be re-done (feature match pick has passed the match date), please send me an email and I will get it updated. (I'll obviously verify against the old database to confirm you actually made the pick).

Thanks for everyone's patience with this transition.
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