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Seeds announced for 2017 World Championships

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Seeds announced for 2017 World Championships

Postby JM » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:32 am

Wrestling Announces Top Seeds for 2017 Senior World Championships
By Tim Foley
July 12, 2017 - 17:04

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (July 12) – United World Wrestling has announced the list of top seeded wrestlers for the 2017 Wrestling World Championships in Paris.

The top seeds were based on a series of points awarded to wrestlers who competed at the 2016 Olympic Games, 2016 Senior World Championships and the 2017 Senior Continental championships. A full explanation of the seeding system can be found, here.

The 2017 seeds are an attempt to separate the best wrestlers in the world and guarantee premier semifinal and finals matchups. However, in 2017 many of the best wrestlers from 2016 have either moved up a weight class, or had limited competition time, leaving some ties in the seeding system.

(Note that Russia's Sadulev is not seeded at 97kg because he has moved up a weight class. Hope he and Snyder end up on different sides of the bracket).

In the matter of a tie the United World Wrestling Technical Commission established the following criteria:
•Highest rank in the Olympic Games
•Participation in the Continental Championships in the same weight category
•Participation in the Continental Championships in another weight category (if needed, highest rank in this event).
•The most classification points in the competition where they are tie
•The most victories by “Fall” in the competition where they are tie
•The most match won by superiority in the competition where they are tie
•The most technical points scored in all the competition where they are tie

Please note that the criteria are used ONLY when the total points received after the selected events are the same.

Only the top four seeds are given per weight. Any wrestler who doesn’t compete forfeits that spot the next ranked wrestler moves into the seed. For example, if the No.1 and No.3 seed at a weight class do not wrestle the No.2 becomes No.1 and the No.4 becomes No.2. No other wrestlers will be added to the seeding.

For a complete list of seeded wrestlers, please see below:



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