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Post-states 2013

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Post-states 2013

Postby Mr Blondey » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:00 am

Disappointments? Of course there were, and some pleasant surprises to balance them out. Did anyone see Croyle placing, or Phillipi winning? On the flip side, our 106's & 285's underperformed, but nobody is safe in Hershey. I thought Zanetta had a good shot at Nolf in the finals, and the always exciting Mr Vulcano finally meets his match, but it was a great run. 3 years ago I would not have believed Tanner Sutton would never place, or that Zach Swarrow would stall in the region, just missing becoming BC's 1st 4x qualifier. Conti was too cautious until the quarterfinal loss, then found his mojo in time to beat Dad's best performance at states. Burrell takes 4th, and a solid showing for SF. DesLauriers had a bit of a scare at whips, and apparantly used that as a wake up call, he was fantastic from that point forward. Jake Temple's 4th-it was good, but unless you were there it doesn't show how very close he was to first. 3 champs, but 22 medals spread over 13 weight classes, and from 14 schools. Kissin' cousins Ligonier Valley, Blairsville & Redbank Valley also represented well in the post season. Basically, a solid performance. Good job, fellas.

And George, Jason & Dakota:

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Re: Post-states 2013

Postby ShoulderLESS » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:24 pm

Blondey, couldn't agree more. The weekend was filled with ups and downs, blast doubles and granby rolls, and a few last resort moves that just so happened to work. That's the great thing about the state tournament, if everyone bought into the rankings, and medals were awarded that way, what would be the fun in that? But they aren't and that's why this sport is so incredible and can't be compared to any other sport out there. At any given time, in any given match the underdog can end up on top sending the crowd into a frenzy (which happened a numerous times this weekend).

Coming from an avid Burrell wrestling fan/retired wrestler, I just wanted to first give props to Dakota. You did one hell of a job and could not have deserved it more. I wish you the best of luck at Mercyhurst and I'm sure success will follow you to the next level as well. Steve and Phil. You guys are battlers. I know yins might not have finished exactly where you wanted to but, nonetheless still one hell of a showing. It's not easy to battle back through that consi bracket meat ginder and end up on the podium. Great job Phil and whatever you decide to do in the future I am sure you will find success as well. If I know you at all Steve, you will use this season as motivation and I can see nothing but happiness at this time next season. As for Al and JR, keep your heads up. Both very talented and have the skill set to end up exactly where you belong next year.

As for the rest of the team, there is no telling who can be the next Dakota, Phil, Steve, JR, and Al but I'm sure there are a couple of them and I will be anxious to see just who they are. If I know that coaching staff at all they will have their guys back on the grind soon enough and working for another WPIAL title.

Lets keep it rolling boys!
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