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WPIAL Final Team Score

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WPIAL Final Team Score

Postby Mr Blondey » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:26 am

1.South Fayette 155.5
2.Burrell 144.0
3.Chartiers-Houston 110.5
4.Jefferson-Morgan 101.0
5.Mount Pleasant Area 95.0
6.West Greene 93.0
7.Valley 84.0
8.Kittanning 81.0
9.Bentworth 78.5
10.Burgettstown 70.5
11.South Park Area 67.0
12.Southside Beaver 66.0
13.Yough 65.0
14.Southmoreland 58.0
15.Avella Area 56.0
16.Bethlehem-Center 54.5
17.Keystone Oaks 39.0
18.Derry Area 38.0
19.Freedom Area 32.0
20.Avonworth 31.5
21.Charleroi 27.0
22.South Allegheny 23.0
23.Ellwood City 22.0
24.Carlynton 21.0
25.Pittsburgh North Catholic 18.0
26.Highlands 17.0
27.Summit Academy 10.0
28.(tie)Laurel 9.0
Fort Cherry 9.0
30.Mapletown Southeastern 7.0
31.Beaver Area 6.0
32.West Shamokin 4.0
33.(tie)California Area 3.0
Beaver Falls 3.0
35.(tie)Jeannette City 0.0
Riverview 0.0

No Qualifers:Shady Side Academy, Washington

All 3 Coach of the year Awards go to South Fayette, McDermitt from B'town dominates the #1 ranked guy in the state to open the finals, and I mean really dominates from all 3 positions, Griffiths was mentally out of it in the 3rd (that ride is unstoppable, hmmm? No one is unbeatable, case in point). Beattie from Burrell dominates the entire field, Beistel was losing 4-1 at the time of the fall, and Beattie had a very close takedown waived off, and the Scottie freshman may have gotten away with a clasp, so it could have been worse...but actually a very good showing for Southmoreland, just a bad finals...SF did great, although Walker seemed to want to stay in the top position in the 3rd as if no one blew the whistle, elbow & waist, no movement if he could help it...DesLauriers & Conti? Well, they got pushed, conditioning seemed a little thin...Welsh looked as if he might have a game plan for Gavazzi, seemed as if it could be very close, but in the 2nd gets seriously outwrestled, loses an underhook while on top & BAM, all she wrote. Congratulations to North Catholic in getting someone through, and really big WOW to Highlands, keeping that team alive, and getting a trip to beautiful Johnstown. I would say above average wrestling for the finals for the most part, probably the most poorly attended I've seen, though-subjective call, I don't know the actual numbers. By section

section 1: 727.5 pts, 35 qualifiers
section 2:620.0 pts, 41 qualifiers
section 3:451.5 pts, 22 qualifiers

by county:
Butler:10.0 pts, no qualifiers, 1 school
Lawrence:9.0 pts, no qualifiers, 1 school
Beaver:129.0 pts, 6 qualifiers, 5 schools
Armstrong:85.0 pts, 3 qualifers, 2 schools
Greene:201.0 pts, 13 qualifiers, 3 schools
Allegheny:372.0 pts, 21 qualifiers, 10 schools
Washington:409.0 pts, 27 qualifiers, 9 schools
Westmoreland:489.0 pts, 28 qualifiers, 7 schools
Fayette:no AA schools w/wrestling this season

Westmoreland was tops, but not much daylight between them & Greene when adjusted for # of schools they have w/AA wrestling...to be fair Ligonier Valley & Blairsville would have gotten some guys through for Westmoreland, but still...Burrell was off a bit, and still took a solid second, but Falleroni scratches off the bat, Klems does also on day 2...I thought Marra had a shot at Sutton in the 3rd, but that isn't what actually happened, he seemed to wrestle Sutton's match and beat him at his own game, I was flabbergasted...Vulcano was so dominant, you wonder if the rest of our 195 field is that bad, and I don't think they are...can a 5th finisher at the section make it through? Yes, Bedillion from WG was 4th at 285...seeding was solid in the sense that the two best met in the finals across the board, except maybe 126, 3rd & 4th best were in the consi finals at all weights, 5th & 7th place matches may have been more a result of the bracket than who was superior, meaning that the 7th placer maybe should have been wrestling for 5th here & there, but overall, a good result...we should have a PIAA qualifier at every weight, despite stronger than normal competition in some by the other 2 districts next weekend. See ya there!
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Re: WPIAL Final Team Score

Postby kreitzer » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:42 am

Lawrence County had two teams represented - Laurel and Ellwood City. Ellwood has Brad Grinnen qualifying at 195.
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Re: WPIAL Final Team Score

Postby Mr Blondey » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:52 am

You are correct, somehow, someway I threw them in w/Beaver (some Ellwood City addresses are in Beaver County for all you postal trivia buffs, maybe something subliminal there, I dunno), so:

Lawrence: 31 pts, 1 qualifier, 2 schools
Beaver: 102.0 pts, 5 qualifiers, 5 schools
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Re: WPIAL Final Team Score

Postby cottonswab » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:36 am

That,s LINCOLN HIGH for all those who ain't never been there. Great city that town is Ellwood.
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