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WPIAL Predictions

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WPIAL Predictions

Postby Swisher » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:38 am

106: Howard, Griffiths, McDermitt, Ratliff, Worlfe, Hritsko, Phillips

Dependent on whether or not Howard can avoid getting stuck on bottom in the legs and choke of Griffiths.

113: Phillippi, Carr, Swarrow, Rothka, Dennis, Charles, Hernandez

120: Reckner, Novak, McGinnis, Vickless, Carr, Hanna, Hughes

126: Demaske, Dewitt, Bulsak, Vahaly, Charletta, Greenwald, Ging

Demaske seems to be peaking after his match with Vahaly last weekend. Looks like the opposite is happening for Vahaly.

132: Nolf, Zanetta, Gentry, Andrejcik, Wentzel, Agnew, Blackmon

Expecting a battle in the finals. I think Zanetta has a shot if he can keep Nolf from scoring but I don't see Nolf giving up points really.

138: Miller, Gavazzi, Wentzel, Edwards, Kusich, Wise, Welch

Calling the upset that almost happened last weekend.

145: Sutton, Marra, Mears, Zalar, Johnston, Stay, Treybus

Don't see Marra touching Sutton. Also guessing the Mears/Zalar rematch goes the other way this time.

152: Bonzo, Fetchet, Jack, Falleroni, Charlesworth, Riggle, Struwe

160: Payne, Bowlen, Walker, Davenport, Robb, Glover, Waldron

170: Conti, Fetchet, Klems, Fallecker, Kincaid, Churchin, Wildman

Fetchet would be a strong favorite in most other weight classes, but I don't think Conti is gonna let him have it.

182: Deslauriers, Fields, Overly, Richardson, McKissick, Haney, Simonelli

Semis between Overly and Fields should be interesting.

195: Vulcano, Walker, Williams, Datz, Holt, Croyle, Hitchens

Vulcano dominates. Williams physicality may make him sweat in the quarters, but I don't see anyone coming close.

220: Temple, Jacobs, Sever, Fordyce, Cousins, Kraushaar, Robb

285: Beistel, Beattie, Reedy, Grafton, Wolak, Shumaker, Beich

I think Beistel is a strong 1 and Beattie a distinct 2. After that it kind of drops off at heavyweight. This is anyone's game really.
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Re: WPIAL Predictions

Postby helpmerhonda » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:04 pm

like to c refs call the stalling on griffiths if that happens...love to c them go at it all 3 periods ..would b a great match
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Re: WPIAL Predictions

Postby Mr Blondey » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:06 pm

I think your boldest call is #3 at 285, interesting. Novak #2 at 120 is possible fer sure, and I agree that the Fields/Overly rematch at 182 is interesting. Vulcanao is wrestling the best of his career right now, so PIAA champ ia within reach. If I were thinking upset, 126 is very close, but what about Jack, Falleroni, or even both in the finals at 152?
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Re: WPIAL Predictions

Postby Bucco-Fan » Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:15 pm

I'd love to see Jack and Falleroni go at it again... but.. Falleroni isn't in the bracket anymore.... it's a shame, those two have had some great matches the past two years. No... I don't have a reason, hope it's nothing serious.

Good luck to the Bucco's
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