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It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby cottonswab » Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:45 pm

swisher, take a look at what you wrote on feb 2, 2012

I know, you don't know how they won it last year and they'll be even worse this year. Well.......its this year.
You're like Johnny Carson making predictions and then getting people to laugh. out loud in some occassions. lol....

you can apoligize and admit you were not thinking clearly. maybe, say ???uh uh uh uh???? that you were under the influence OR that fred flinstones bowling ball had dropped onto you skull, OR the re-runs of gilligans island just pissed you off because at the end of each episode, they were so close to a rescue ....until gillian screwed it up. Whatever? Just take our hand and walk with us. JUST remember, if you do come to the blueside... your now going to be our a mute.

ghill, you care to make any more comments ????? refresh yourselves with what he wrote.

and how about this yough collapse or were they even built to collaspe. thats what happens to you when you wrestle your matches near the out of bounce lines. stay in the center and meet a cobra, the ref will.... stop it as soon as you scapulate the mat.

I hope Kittanning and valley do not disappoint the section this week. good luck

show some jarred hot cayenne love. My cat, named pepper does, but i have to feed him McDonalds frenchy fries and his nose tickles me.

What a crew you have on here Blondey. It never grows old.


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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby cottonswab » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:20 pm

swisher. i appreciate your enthusiastic negativity toward Burrell for the last two crowns that they received, beginning on feb 2, 2012. It would not have been as fun without you in the background chirping and predicting.

The eyes . You seem to be alot smarter than swisher, ALOT... but, your capital lettered prediction earlier on Dec. 14, 2012 should have been lowercased. One of those 5 teams did not knock off burrell. Burrell will knock off burrell whenever burrell knocks itself off.

I want to personally thank you guys for all of the participation, we need your kind of characters in our stories of BURRELL forklore that our young children attentatively push-up and pull up too, while training to be just like the guys before them. They know that they have to deal with the fools on the side of their path to glory, and you guys are perfect subjects. Do not change, in fact recruit more of yourselves. Have babies that have babies. Just don't move to Burrell.
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby Swisher » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:51 am

Cottonswab: In case you didn't notice, in my top 4 predictions I called Burrell winning it. I believe Burrell has lost its dominance, but credit is due, they are still the top dogs for now. Congrats to Burrell. As much as I get tired of seeing the same team winning year after year, it is impressive how they are always able to find a way to do it. I think a large part of that has to do not with the names on the roster, but with the competition they face. Their records may not be the prettiest but clearly something is working. I think all of our teams could benefit from ambitiously seeking out tougher opponents. I'll never be a Burrell fanboy, but they have my respect.
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby Pepper » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:56 pm

Congrats to Burrell as WPIAL champs. 7 titles is impressive and to make history.

Swisher wrote: I think a large part of that has to do not with the names on the roster, but with the competition they face.
Agree with Swisher that competition in AA is not what it once was years ago. Place Burrell in AAA this season and they would have a mediocre team maybe finishing at 500. Match against Kiski was not impressive compared to years past.

Have mentioned this before and predicted schools will drop wrestling programs [Highlands proved me correct]. What's the future of AA wrestling teams? Many AA teams will continue to turn into co-ops. What happened at Highlands could be the future of AA wrestling....school budgets. Section 3B will have about 3 teams next year. Will WPIAL re-arrange the sections or drop a few AAA teams to AA? Will Highlands co-op with Valley or Riverview? Highlands / Valley team would beat Burrell. SSA co-op? Does Burrell SD have the finances to continue wrestling or will they co-op?
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby wpialbuck » Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:54 pm


Burrell is AA and that is what they are. AA wrestling is going no where! Burrell has mad the finals 11 straight years, 7 titles in a row and 8 in 11 years, and you continue to bash them. Oh Kiski beat them or that AAA team beat them. Oh a Valley and Highlands team combined would beat them! Do you read what you write before you post or do you always just not make sense? Such a hater! Id rather be a AA team that is 12-5 with loses against KA, NA, BV, Hempfield, and FR than be undefeated and lose when it counts! Who beats Burrell next year Pepper???
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby Pepper » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:33 pm

Bashing someone that doesn't agree with you, who is the hater?? Times are changing. No one thought Highlands would not have a program this season or SSA have 4(?) on roster. You don't control AA wrestling programs or athletic funds, school boards do. Which sport loses if a sport must be cut: Football, Wrestling or Baseball?
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby Mr Blondey » Thu May 23, 2013 1:12 am

Pepper: I would have thought budget cuts beginning in Harrisburgh would have had a much more detrimental effect on AA wrestling, and maybe even AAA, than it has (so far).

Re: Burrell-yes, they were beatable this season. But they were beatable by at least one team in WPIAL AA for every title they've won except one, beatable by a plurality for most of them. Rarely is one team unbeatable. They lost a lot in the upper weights this year, but they still should be the favorite, and maybe even a solid favorite, for next season. It IS tiring seeing the same team win all the time, I agree, but the key is not seeing Burrell step back, someone else needs to step forward.

I certainly hope Riverview, who has the best AA wrestler coming up we've seen in a while, including Mr Phillipi, keeps wrestling alive. And, when you have a team like South Fayette, not great wrestling tradition by any means, get 3 PIAA place winners and take a competitive 2nd in the team tournament, optimism is not unwarranted. If a subsection is reduced to three teams, that could be disastrous. Please, no, not that! But otherwise, we're weathering the Corbett storm reasonable well.
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Re: It's gone with the wind^^///^^^

Postby kreitzer » Thu May 23, 2013 8:43 am

Blondey - I am not sure that when you mention Riverview you are referring to Eric Hong or not. There could be someone that I am not thinking of, but if it is, there have been plenty of rumors about him going away to a prep school. I am not pretending to have any inside knowledge. That's just what I have read. I am not stating this as if I know it is a fact; just throwing it out there.
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