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Pitt at Bradford, PA - new program

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Pitt at Bradford, PA - new program

Postby d » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:49 am

New this year is an NCWA program at the University of Pittsburgh's Bradford, PA campus.

link to NCWA Site:

link to Facebook Page:

Recent results:

Pitt-Bradford Wrestling Club
December 4 at 12:53pm ·
Yesterday The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Wrestling Club made history by entering the first collegiate wrestling open with other teams spanning from division 1 NCAA athletes, to other NCWA teams... The following are some highlights from specific individuals and their performance at the tournament.
First Ever Collegiate Match Wrestled By a UPB Wrestler: Jacob Chamberlain
First Ever Collegiate Match Victory By a UPB Wrestler: Kegen Hoopes
First Ever Collegiate Match Pin Fall By a UPB Wrestler: Kegen Hoopes
First Ever Collegiate Wrestling Tournament Place Winner: Mitchell Dowd

Congratulations to these young men and the rest of the Pitt Bradford wrestling team members who competed yesterday at the Niagara County Community College Open
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