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3/1/15 Pac12 Results

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3/1/15 Pac12 Results

Postby Allen Brown » Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:44 pm

^^From Earl Smith's D1CW-

125 Championship-Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) dec Evan Silver (Stanford) 6-3
133 Championship-Jack Hathaway (Oregon State) dec Connor Schram (Stanford) 4-0
141 Championship-Geo Martinez (Boise State) dec Matt Kraus (Arizona State) 6-3
149 Championship-Christian Pagdilao (Arizona State) dec Abraham Rodriguez (Oregon State) 7-4
157 Championship-Alex Elder (Oregon State) dec Steven Hernandez (Boise State) 3-1
165 Championship-Jim Wilson (Stanford) MedFFT Seth Thomas (Oregon State)
174 Championship-Joe Latham (Oregon State) dec Dom Kastl (Cal Poly) 9-4
184 Championship-Blake Stauffer (Arizona State) dec Taylor Meeks (Oregon State) 3-1
197 Championship-Cody Crawford (Oregon State) fall Matt Williams (CSU-Bakersfield)
285 Championship-Nathan Butler (Stanford) dec Chace Eskam (Arizona State) 4-1

125 3rd Place-Ares Carpio (Arizona State) fall Sergio Mendez (CSU-Bakersfield) 1:29
133 3rd Place-Ian Nickell (CSU-Bakersfield) dec Judson Preskitt (Arizona State) 6-4
141 3rd Place-Devin Reynolds (Oregon State) maj Timmy Box (CSU-Bakersfield) 13-3
149 3rd Place-Garrett Schaner (Stanford) dec Coleman Hammond (CSU-Bakersfield) 9-6
157 3rd Place-Oliver Pierce (Arizona State) dec Colt Shorts (Cal Poly) 2-1TB
165 3rd Place-Adam Fierro (CSU-Bakersfield) dec Chris Castillo (Boise State) 5-2
174 3rd Place-Holden Packard (Boise State) dec Ray Waters (Arizona State) 11-10
184 3rd Place-Zach Nevills (Stanford) dec Sean Pollock (CSU-Bakersfield) 3-2TB
197 3rd Place-Cody Dixon (Boise State) fall Josh DaSilveira (Arizona State) :21
285 3rd Place-Nate Keeve (Oregon State) dec Nick Johnson (Cal Poly) 5-4TB
Allen Brown

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