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City League Weekly Update (as of 1/8/15)

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City League Weekly Update (as of 1/8/15)

Postby Jake123456 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:21 pm

District 8 (City league) Weekly Update
As of January 8, 2015


Allderdice (TAH) 51 vs. Carrick (CAHS) 22

113: Jared Prude (TAH) over (CAHS) (For.)
120: Tanner Jacobson (TAH) over MATT O`CONNOR (CAHS) (Dec 12-6)
126: VINCENT MION (CAHS) over Shaan Cheema (TAH) (MD 13-2)
132: Joshua Zinkovsky (TAH) over JACOB ZUICK (CAHS) (Fall 3:32)
138: Austin Pryzmenski (TAH) over JUSTICE JONES (CAHS) (Fall 1:06)
145: CODY KIRK (CAHS) over Anunaquai Withrow-Davis (TAH) (Dec 6-4)
152: Samuel Nelson (TAH) over Tyshawn Williams (CAHS) (Fall 4:18)
160: CORY DEES (CAHS) over Khalil Jarrett (TAH) (Fall 1:43)
170: Cameron Jacobson (TAH) over DALE DAVIS (CAHS) (Fall 1:49)
182: KENNY MURPHY (CAHS) over Landon Harper (TAH) (Dec 12-6)
195: Nick Brucker (TAH) over (CAHS) (For.)
220: Anthony Langford (TAH) over Cary Knight (CAHS) (Fall 3:40)
285: JAMES HOWARD (CAHS) over Jeramiah Jones (TAH) (Fall 2:21)
106: Cheron Payne (TAH) over JOSEPH DANG (CAHS) (Fall 2:34)

Next: Wednesday, 1/14/15: Allderdice vs. Westinghouse, 6:00 PM & Carrick vs. Obama, 6:00 PM

Brashear (BRHS) 39 vs. Westinghouse (WEHS) 24

182: Timothy Gillcrese (WEHS) over Aladiyn Wilson (BRHS) (Fall 4:19)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Cody Wagner (BRHS) over (WEHS) (For.)
285: Jamon Miyares (WEHS) over Ty`Mel Craig (BRHS) (Fall 2:44)
106: Double Forfeit
113: Cory Bevan (BRHS) over (WEHS) (For.)
120: Kasmir Jiggetts (BRHS) over (WEHS) (For.)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Lawrence Thompson (WEHS) over (BRHS) (For.)
138: Robert Thompson (WEHS) over Josh Thompson (BRHS) (Fall 4:34)
145: Dalton Link (BRHS) over Xavier Solis (WEHS) (Fall 3:34)
152: Jordan Oliver (BRHS) over Tyree Carlins (WEHS) (Fall 2:54)
160: James Wagner (BRHS) over Greg Edmundson (WEHS) (Dec 8-7)
170: Quason Jones (BRHS) over Tarieck Hicks (WEHS) (Fall 2:42)

Next: Wednesday, 1/14/15: Brashear @ Perry, 4:00 PM & Westinghouse @ Allderdice, 6:00 PM

Perry (PTA) 67 vs. Obama (OBHS) 12

106: Amir Dennis (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
113: Maurice Quincy (OBHS) over Keenen Sheffield (PTA) (Fall 3:54)
120: Quinton Herriot (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
126: Dequay Johnson (PTA) over Ernesto Castillo (OBHS) (Fall 4:54)
132: Roman Ramsey (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
138: Khamaje Clarke (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
145: Marquan Morris (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
152: Isaiah Peterson (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
160: Zavier Fears (PTA) over Archer Tomasits (OBHS) (MD 13-4)
170: Jared Ramsey (PTA) over Shane Edwards (OBHS) (Fall 1:32)
182: Najuantay Gilmore (OBHS) over Erick D Williams (PTA) (Fall 0:13)
195: Deontay Wadley (PTA) over Nate Martin (OBHS) (Dec 14-12)
220: Alvarado Roderick (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)
285: Jawan Engram (PTA) over (OBHS) (For.)

Next: Wednesday, 1/14/15: Perry vs. Brashear, 4:00 PM & Obama @ Carrick, 6:00 PM
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