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Any District 8 (City League) Pre-Season Predictions?

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Any District 8 (City League) Pre-Season Predictions?

Postby Jake123456 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:08 pm

I was curious if anyone has any insight, opinions or predictions regarding our City League teams and wrestlers for this upcoming season.

My review is as follows (from a very limited perspective...):

Carrick: One of the possible pre-season favorites with many returning starters. I think it's great that the Raiders are hosting a new team dual tournament this season with several WPIAL programs to be in attendance. I am hopeful that this will result in some positive publicity for the City League.

Brashear: The Bulls can also make a case for being the pre-season favorite for the City League title with a solid returning line-up, including a large incoming freshman class - being fed from the strong middle-level program.

Allderdice: The returning 3x District champs will certainly be challenged this year with a handful of newcomers breaking into the Dragons' starting line-up. This is a dedicated, hard-working group that will still be very competitive and capable.

Perry: As always, I expect that this team will be able to beat anyone on any given day. The Commodores graduated a couple of key wrestlers, but it is my understanding that they have 40+ wrestlers signed up this season. Great work!

Obama: This team is improving year after year, and I expect that they will continue this progression. Obama has a large and talented middle-level team that is very well-coached that serves as their feeder program. I am not sure that they will be able to knock off the above (4) teams mentioned, but I expect the Eagles to be competitive this season.

Westinghouse: I am hopeful that Westinghouse will have a solid team this season, with minimal holes in the line-up. Consistently, Westinghouse produces a couple of champion wrestlers each year that are competing at the post-secondary level. With their quality coaching along with a solid, feeder middle-level program and a budding youth club program, I am certain that the Bulldogs will continue to make great strides.
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Re: Any District 8 (City League) Pre-Season Predictions?

Postby CityLeageRep » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:45 pm

I have preseason rankings as follows:

1. Allderdice
- Allderdice has great coaching from Coach Shaw and Flint and wrestlers that have been apart of the winning ways for 3 seasons as the District 8 Champs. Newcomers and transfers will power Allderdice to another championship.

2. Carrick
- Carrick has many returning starters that have worked their way up to the Cities #2 spot.

3. Perry
- Perry could be a wild card team and win the championships this season...with their large roster I expect coach Edmonds to have his team ready to win gold.

4. Brashear
- Brashear...along with Perry could be the cities suprise...well...may be not a surprise Brashear has strong retuners Cory Bevan, Maximis Penn, Antwuan Porter, Dalton Link, and Cody Wagner...Im really not sure where to place Brashear. They are wrestling a full 22point schedule this year that will help the team and if they stay healthy Brashear will do well.

5. Obama
- Obama...with a young team will be looking to make a upset to make the playoffs

6. Westinghouse
- Westinghouse...the "house" is in a struggle with filling the line up but have returners that are looking to make a inpact individually.
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