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PA-Wrestling.com States Fan Contests

Postby PA-Wrestling » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:03 pm

The last few seasons, PA-Wrestling.com has run the “Guess the Placers” contests for states in both AA and AAA. We decided to retire that contest and try 2 new ones, which hopefully are a little easier to play yet are still fun for all fans. The first contest is called Confidence Picks, where you pick the wrestler you think will earn gold at each weight and rank them based on how confident you think they’ll win. You get points if they win, nothing is they don’t win. The second is called Pick Your Team, where you pick a wrestler at each weight but all wrestlers are given points based on regional placing and you are limited to so many points to build your team. This contest uses regular tournament scoring and you can follow your team throughout the tournament to see how you are doing in the contest.

Our updated system this year also allows you to edit your contest entries right up until the deadline. We’re running both contests for AA and AAA in addition to providing live updates throughout all three days in Hershey. Check out the links below. Once on the sites, click the Contests link to sign up! Both contests are FREE to play.

AA: http://live.pa-wrestling.com/2015-2016/piaa-class-aa/
AAA: http://live.pa-wrestling.com/2015-2016/piaa-class-aaa/

Also, this past off-season we worked hard to get the entire history of the PIAA Wrestling Championships onto our site. Every bracket, every result, every wrestler going back to 1938 – plus a ton of cool stats! Check it out by going to http://live.pa-wrestling.com/post-season/state/

Good luck to all wrestlers in their quest for state gold this weekend!
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