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Stock Up/Down

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Re: Stock Up/Down

Postby JDALU75 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:06 pm

The website is located at www.eiwawrestling.org. There's a lot of information available if you click on the menus across the top. If you click on History\EIWA Stats-View Full List you'll see a menu of various records. I don't claim that all of those are 100% correct; I took over ownership of that part of the site in April and spent about six weeks researching and cleaning up old errors on some of those tables. After this coming season I'll try to finish the job.

The composite rankings are something I did on my own for a few years because I got tired of teams listing different rankings for their wrestlers. When the EIWA coaches stopped issuing their EIWA rankings I offered to provide my table to John Harmon as a substitute. At the time Gregg Henry and Associated Wrestling Press went 33 deep at each weight; unfortunately they've stopped ranking. Your suggestion about arbitrarily assigning ranks greater than 20 to some wrestlers has been made in the past. I've thought about it but I don't want to interject my own judgment into things. If I started doing that I'd start pulling off guys who haven't wrestled all semester, or just show a wrestler at one weight when he has support at two (Bethea), or pull off the lower-ranked guy when one service ranks two guys on one team at the same weight (bye-bye, Darmstadt!). Things are always weird early in each season, and there's always someone who stays in the rankings of one service because he had a good weekend last January. The numbers are what they are, and everyone is free to their own opinions on how things ought to be.
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Re: Stock Up/Down

Postby hofman19 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:34 pm

I am very proud of the performance thus far put forth by Adam Santoro.

As a NYS CHSAA enthusiast, I have always considered him one of my personal favorites.

I think that coming out of HS, he was a little bit under the radar because he only placed at the NYSPHSAA Tournament once (4th as a senior)...However, just like a student who is absolutely brilliant, but is a poor standardized test taker, as a scholastic athlete, Adam was that kid who would be great during the season, but seemed to psych himself out come Albany...He is a lot better than his resume suggests.

He is a protege of John Degl/Iowa Style Wrestling Club. This is the same organization that produced the likes of former Cornell All-Americans, Joe Mazzurco and Brian Realbuto, 2016 NCAA DI 5th, Steven Rodrigues (Illinois), current 2x All-American, Kevin Jack (NC State), as well as the #26 prospect on the Flo 2018 Big Board, Jakob Camacho, among others.

Therefore, between ISW and FLWC, he has been fortunate to receive excellent instruction through all stages of his career.

As long as he is starting to work past his cantankerous history on the "big stage", I think he'll go on to have a fine career and surpass most people's initial expectations...He may not be that four-time AA, but he will give you a consistent, 110% blue collar effort every time he steps on the mat. I see emerging as one of those guys that the fan base cannot help but embrace.
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