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Rob Koll's Fall Newsletter

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Re: Rob Koll's Fall Newsletter

Postby ugarte » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:30 am

machine158 wrote:
ugarte wrote:
HatchetJack wrote:Not sure how to answer your question machine 158. I am guessing either of these two guys woukd give Sweaney a go as would a few of the 195 Lbers. My point is that stocking 2 heavies while they both sit seems a bit odd when one of them could surpass your current heavy in short order. Most teams would want to stagger the heavies eligibility if possible. Our current roster is not ranked in the top 20. Guessing we'd have more upside by season's end with one of the two frosh than Sweaney. I could be wrong for sure but so could you.

I guess the feeling is that if you think it's a close call between the greyshirts and Sweany you are risking a guy burning a year on the bench and losing the full year of competition/development that he'd get at FLCC. I'm surprised that neither are in the room pushing Sweany as well, but it's always possible for one of them to jump aboard in January if Sweany is faltering or one of them is showing precocious results.

I hear lots of assumptions in these posts. What we know is that both are greyshirts. Why is that? Do you think that possibly the coaches know who they have in the room and what they are capable of? Do you think its a possibility that these two heavies need development? You have two other heavies in the Cornell room now and my guess is that they can't compete with them at this stage of their career. If thats not true...then you would have to assume that the coaches want to put an inferior product on the mat. Not very logical if you ask me.

That's literally what I think and pretty much what I wrote.
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Re: Rob Koll's Fall Newsletter

Postby machine158 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:35 pm

Sorry about that ugarte....my reply was more intended to respond to "Hatchetjack". Isn't that the beauty of wrestling? Not a lot of subjectivity. Put em on the mat and let the athletes decide who wrestles. So whoever goes out there (barring injury)...you can bet they earned it. :)
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