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March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

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March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby Allen Brown » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:03 pm

^^^Mar 28, 2013-

I have to apologize to taking so long in getting this out. I have been completely overwhelmed with the entire “Kid Dynamite” phenomena. As bad/good as it has been for me I can only image what it has been like for Kyle. The good news is I did get a free cup of coffee out of his celebrity. To be honest, it was Damion Hahn who bought me a cup in the airport because he was in such a good mood, but I think that counts!

Last year we experienced the greatest day in Cornell wrestling history when Cornell crowned three NCAA national champions and placed two other All-Americans. I did not think we could possibly experience another moment as exciting until the inevitable day that we win the team title. Of course we all realize that this is not the case when on Saturday night Kyle Dake became the greatest college wrestler of all time. I realize most of you have grown accustomed to my use of gross overstatement when chronically the exploits of our always gallant Cornell warriors, so normally that last sentence would fall into the category of typical Koll hyperbole. However I will say it again, the greatest college wrestler to EVER grace a wrestling mat is Kyle Dake, and he wrestled at Cornell University! Wow, that sounds almost unrealistic, let me try it a different way. Kyle Dake is the greatest college wrestler of all time, and he wrestled for Cornell University. Yep, it is still true and it still sounds unreal!

Anyone who was not in Des Moines for the finals almost certainly watched it on ESPN so I won’t try to describe the match. If you happened to be in a coma last weekend you can experience a little of the emotion by viewing this video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10 ... =2&theater. What makes this so memorable is the fact that so many friends, family, and fans were able to truly share in the sheer joy of the moment.

The story that has been overlooked because of Kyle’s success is Cornell’s 5th place team finish. We were not projected to compete with the nation’s elite, but as usual, our guys put it all together and reasserted ourselves as a team that is a perennial contender. Every seeded wrestler wrestled over their seed. The one exception was Kyle who only wrestled to his seed. Obviously we are disappointed in him, but since his performance garnered him the Outstanding Wrestler Award, we will forgive him.

How did we end up in the top 5? All year long we have relied on the consistency of the Big Four, (Nahshon, Nevinger, Dake and Bosak). These guys were never more consistent than last weekend.

Nahshon Garrett placed 3rd beating the 1st, 3rd, and 5th seeds along the way. I love it when I am right, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I like to tell you so! When we recruited Nahshon we knew we had someone who had the physical and mental tools to be great. He only lacked the technically skills because he came so late to the sport- fifth grade. Last year he trained at our regional training center. He had a fair season, but never won any tournaments, and in many cases even failed to place at lower level tournaments. What he did gain over the course of the year was size, experience and technique. This year he entered the season with an attitude that he could, and would, win every time he stepped on the mats. By the end of his freshman year he had set a new career single season record for wins with 43.The former record of 42 was held by volunteer assistant coach Mike Grey '10 and Cam Simaz '12. Furthermore he avenged two of his five losses at the NCAA tournament, which displayed his continuous improvement and growth. The best thing about Nahshon is that his best is yet to come!

Mike Nevinger placed 5th, an improvement of two spots from last year. Mike struggled this year but we always knew he would be ready when it counted most. Ironically what most people did not realize is that Mike finished last season with a 33-12 record while this year he finished with a 42-12 record! The perception that he was not as consistent as in the past was a result of our very high expectations for Mike. Mike is one of our most consistent wrestlers. In his three years he has never missed a practice or competition due to injury. He is an absolute hammer and he currently ranks 20th on Cornell’s All-Time wins list. His next victory will be number 100.

Steve Bosak placed 3rd losing 4-1 to two-time champ Ed Ruth. It was unfortunate that the NCAA seeding committee robbed Steve of his rightful honor of wrestling Ruth in the finals by placing him as the fourth seed. I am not going to try to figure out how this happened but let it suffice to say the committee must has consulted with the IOC (International Olympic Committee), on how to make selections.

Other than his one set-back, Steve controlled, if not dominated, ever match. This tournament was truly one of Steve’s finest moments. It is hard to put into words how proud we all are of Steve and his amazing Cornell career. Not only was Steve a three-time All-American and national champion, but he was also a strong and vocal team leader. He is loyal, honest and incredibly proud to be a significant part of the storied Cornell wrestling world. Steve finished his career number seven on the All-Time Wins list with a career record of 131-30. In addition, Steve kept the lights on in the Friedman Wrestling Center with his 39 pins! The Pin Pool will miss him but he promised to double whatever Kyle Dake pledges in next year pool. Thanks guys!

Jace Bennett went 1-2 , but did manage to pin the 15th ranked wrestler. We knew that Cam Simaz would be impossible to replace so we excited that Jace had such a strong sophomore campaign. The coaching staff was pretty tough on Jace this year because we can see great potential. He came on strong at the end and finished the season with a 31-16 record which included 14 falls and victories over five top twenty wrestlers. If Jace continues to work hard this summer he can be great.

Chris Villalonga went 0-2. Chris has the ability to perform much better than this result indicates. He finished the season with a 23-13 record with all his losses coming at the hands of top twenty opponents. Chris has defeated a number of very talented opponents but he keeps his matches too close and does not open up enough offensively. He gives up stupid reversals while on top because he tries to hang on instead just giving up an escape. This strategy cost him more than one match and I promise he will fix this problem by next year. On a more positive note, Chris is a tireless worker and I know he takes every loss personally. Our future success is dependent on Chris turning the corner and getting on the podium. We know he can and will achieve this goal.

Stryker Lane went 0-2. Stryker came into the tournament pretty banged up and it didn’t help his cause when he drew the first seed in his first match. Styker had a successful season but now he needs to heal up and hit the weights. The good news is he has one more season for the Big Red.

Cornell Wrestling's Dake and Garrett Sweep EIWA Postseason Honors

Kyle Dake and Nahshon Garrett have swept the EIWA post season awards it was announced on Monday. Four-time NCAA champion Dake has been named EIWA Wrestler of the Year for the third-straight season, while Garrett is Freshman of the Year. Garrett is the first Cornell wrestler to win the award since Dake is 2010. Garrett was the highest placing true freshman at the NCAA tournament.

The Big Red finished the NCAA tournament in fifth place with four All-Americans. This marked the ninth-straight season that Cornell had four or more All-Americans. With one of its hardest duals seasons in school history, Cornell finished with a 14-4 record.

Pin Pool Results This year at $1,896 per pin x 34 pins, we raised $64,464! Thanks to everyone who participated. I will be sending out gift reminders and amounts in the next couple days.

Banquet Please come out to help us celebrate another great season as we honor our seniors. This year’s banquet will be held at the Lakewatch in on May 5th. We will have a social hour from 12-1, followed by lunch and then presentations.

Link to NCAA interviews http://newyorkwrestlingnews.com/check-o ... the-ncaas/

Link to Kyle’s ESPN interview http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9091069

Rob Koll
Head Coach
Cornell University
Allen Brown

Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby NJDan » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:25 pm

Very interesting as usual, but a few questions:

Coach says NG started wrestling in 5th grade and calls that late. I have read elsewhere that he started in 10th grade. Does anyone know which it is? And is 5th grade really "late"? (I know some guys like Dake start in the womb, but that's not the norm, or is it?)

How come Nevinger had 55 matches, Garrett had 47, and Dake had just 37. I know that Nevinger had a few more matches in the NCAAs, but not 18 more. Neither was ever hurt.
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Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby Red Blades » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:56 pm

NJDan wrote:How come Nevinger had 55 matches, Garrett had 47, and Dake had just 37.

'Cause Dake is lazy? :P :wink: :lol:

Just kidding, of course. I'm not really an investigative reporter, but if I was, I would go and look it up on Wrestlingstats.com. I suspect you would find that Dake did not go to a few of the preseason tournaments that both Nevinger and Garrett did attend. Also, Nevinger's numbers are probably a few higher because he may have found himself in consi's earlier, and then went deep into wrestlebacks. Garrett with only, what, 4 losses on the year, didn't spend much time in consi rounds.

By the way, Nevinger just one win away from win #100! The kid is a workhorse!
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Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby NJDan » Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:41 pm

Good explanation.

This article from NG's hometown paper says he started in 8th grade.
http://www.newsreview.com/chico/nahshon ... id=1984096

I am not sure where I read he started in 10th grade, but I am sure I read it somewhere, maybe here.
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Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby King George » Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:52 pm

Time for Koll to move on and give some of the other teams a chance. He's separated Cornell so far from the rest of the EIWA it's ridiculous.
King George
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Mike Nevinger

Postby JM » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:14 pm

I took Red Blades advice and looked up Mike Nevinger's record on wrestlingstats.com (what a gift from Boomer!)

Pretty amazing - yes, he did compete in 54 matches this season. 16 of them were in dual meets where he had a respectable 11-5 record against top competition.

He had the other 38 matches in tournaments - his record was 31-7. There were no "2 and outs" - hardly. A recap ....

Binghamton Open - a one-day event. Mike wrestled 8 matches, I repeat, 8 freaking matches in one day - he lost the first and last one to place 4th.
NY States - won all five of his matches to place 1st.
Las Vegas - six matches, won 4 lost 2, placed fourth
Southern Shuffle - six matches, won 'em all, placed 1st.
EIWA - won four of his five matches to place 3rd.
NCAAs - again 8 matches, lost in first round but came back to win six of the next seven to place 5th.

Mike Nevinger = very tough!
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Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby NJDan » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:48 pm

On top of everything, Nevinger tied the old single-season win record. Except for Garrett showing off by breaking the record, that would have gotten more attention.
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Re: March 28 - Coach Koll's Post-NCAA UPdate

Postby GOBIGRED » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:13 am

Nevinger's stout build translates well for the big show. He usually gets better as the days progress in a big tournament. Where he is most vulnerable is in the first match when it is close to weigh in. I am willing to bet he sheds a little mass this summer to make his last day cut a little less debilitating. Mike will struggle against the truly elite (Maple, Steiber) but will go toe to toe with anyone else in the country. He had some really big wins this year vs. some very good kids ala Ugi at the scuffle and obviously at NCAA's. A great job this season by Mike!
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