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Individual Wrestlers Needed for Columbus Day Duals

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Individual Wrestlers Needed for Columbus Day Duals

Postby TyrantWrestling » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:13 am

Individual Wrestlers Needed to Fill Open Weight Classes

Division: High School (8th-12th grade) 3lb Weight Allowance 106=109
Weight Class: 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285

Division: Middle School (8th grade & under) 3lb Weight Allowance 60=63
Weight Class: 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 112 120 130 140 152 175 235

Email the wrestler’s name, division, weight class, parent’s name and email address to TyrantWrestling@gmail.com. Additional information is available at www.TyrantWrestling.com.

High School Division
Beat the Streets NYC Blue, NY
Beat the Streets NYC Red, NY
Contender Elite, PA
Dark Knights, PA
Eagle Riders, DE
Iowa Style Black, NY
Iowa Style Gold, NY
Iron Horse, NJ
KT Kidz, CT
Malvern, PA
Mayo Quanchi, RI
Olympic, NJ
RedNose, NJ
Relentless-Raiders, PA
Seagull, NJ
Silverbacks, CT
Spartan, NJ
Team Apache, PA
Team Defiant, PA
Team Northeast, NY
Triumph, NJ
Turks Head, PA
Tyrant, DE
Weaver Elite, PA

Middle School Division
A & B Core, NJ
Bandits, VA
Beast Training, CT
Beat the Streets NYC, NY
Buxton School of Wrestling, NJ
Contender Elite Black, PA
Contender Elite Gold, PA
Dark Knights, PA
Iowa Style, NY
Olympic, NJ
Team Apex, NJ
Team Defiant, PA
Team New England, MA
Team Northeast, NY
Tyrant, DE
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