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1/24/15 varsity tourney @ Brooke High looking for teams

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1/24/15 varsity tourney @ Brooke High looking for teams

Postby Sbeaman » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:22 pm

Tournament at Brooke High School on Jan 24, 2015. It will be a one day 16 man bracket tournament. To be able to run a one day 16 man bracket in one day, the losers of round 1 will drop to a Level 2 eight man bracket. The Level 2 bracket will wrestle out to 8th place and the team points earned in the Level 2 bracket will be half value with no placement points. The regular bracket will wrestle to 8th place but only give awards and placement points to 6th. This format should allow all wrestlers to get 4-5 matches. We will allow JVs to fill spots in the brackets if available. Max of two wrestlers per weight class per team. We are located in Wellsburg, WV which is 25 minutes from Washington, PA and 35 minutes from Robinson, PA. Please let me know if interested.

Any questions please call or email! Thanks!

Sean Beaman, coach
Brooke High School, WV
Email seanbeaman75@yahoo.com
Cell 304-374-5333
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