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NAIA 2009-10 PreSeason Rankings

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NAIA 2009-10 PreSeason Rankings

Postby Allen Brown » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:15 pm

^^^These Rankings are from the NAIA Site. -Allen (WR.com)

Oct. 21, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With seven ranked individuals, including the defending national champion at 184 pounds, Southern Oregon lands as the No. 1 team in the preseason NAIA Wrestling Coaches' Top 20 Poll, the NAIA announced Wednesday. The Raiders earned 100.5 points. Notre Dame College (Ohio) is listed second with 98 points, followed by No. 3 McKendree University (Ill.), No. 4 University of Great Falls (Mont.) and No. 5 Grand View University (Iowa).

Lindenwood (Mo.) was the top-ranked team heading into the 2008-09 season and went on to win its third national title. As the No. 1 to close out the 2008-09 campaign, Southern Oregon finished as the runner-up at the National Championships.

Five individual national champs from a year ago will return to defend their title in 2010 and enter the season rated No. 1 in their respective weight classes: Adam Koballa of Notre Dame (Ohio) at 141 pounds, Grand View's (Iowa) Matt Burns at 149 and Chris Platt of Southern Oregon at 184. McKendree sports a pair of titlists that are ranked No. 1 in Aaron Winning at 165 pounds and Andrew Sanchez at 197.

Of Southern Oregon's seven nationally ranked grapplers, four are returning All-Americans, including top-ranked 125-pounder Mitchell Lofstedt and heavyweight John Bates. A third-place finisher a year ago, Barry Johnson is listed second at 141 pounds and Tommie Norton is ranked second at 157 pounds following a fifth-place showing in 2009.

Second-ranked Notre Dame and No. 8 Dana (Neb.) each have nine wrestlers garnering national ranking. Notre Dame brings back two additional All-Americans to Koballa with No. 1 Thomas Straughn at 157 pounds and second-ranked 125-pounder Tyler Savage. Dana's highest ranked wrestler is Robert Costa at No. 4 at 133 pounds.

No. 3 McKendree (89 points) and No. 4 Great Falls (78.5 points) each have seven nationally-ranked grapplers and No. 5 Grand View (69 points) has six. Three-time defending national team champion Lindenwood is ranked sixth with six ranked wrestlers.

The first regular-season poll will be announced on Nov. 24.


1 Southern Oregon University 100.5
2 Notre Dame College (Ohio) 98
3 McKendree University (Ill.) 89
4 University of Great Falls (Mont.) 77.5
5 Grand View University (Iowa) 69
6 Lindenwood University (Mo.) 61
7 California Baptist University 58
8 Dana College (Neb.) 57.5
9 Campbellsville (Ky.) 45
10 Dickinson State (N.D.) 38.5
10 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical (Ariz.) 38.5
12 Montana State University-Northern 37.5
13 Missouri Baptist University 37
14 Oklahoma City University 30.5
14 Cumberland University (Tenn.) 30.5
16 Menlo College (Calif.) 22
17 Morningside College (Iowa) 19
18 Northwestern College (Iowa) 18
19 Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 17.5
20 University of the Cumberlands (Ky.) 13.5
20 Waldorf College (Iowa) 13.5

Others receiving votes: Jamestown College (N.D.) 10; Hastings College (Neb.) 9.5; William Penn University (Iowa) 8.5; York College (Neb.) 2.5.

Individual Ratings
125 Pounds

1 Mitchell Lofstedt Southern Oregon University
2 Tyler Savage Notre Dame College
3 Dante Rini Notre Dame College
4 Cody Dennis Morningside College
5 Angel Olea Dickinson State
6 Clayden McKim Dana College
7 Kyle Conley Dana College
8 Larone Madison University of the Cumberlands
9 Jarrod Wiens Hastings College
10 Taylor Louie William Penn University
11 Chauncey Philipps California Baptist University
12 Jason Moorhouse Menlo College

133 Pounds

1 Wade Lowe McKendree University
2 Ryan Luu Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
3 Tommy Pretty Campbellsville
4 Robert Costa Dana College
5 John Rojas California Baptist University
6 Travis Evans Grand View University
7 Matthew Jacobson Dana College
8 Anton Prater Missouri Baptist University
9 Malik Stewart Dakota Wesleyan
10 Eric Garcia Menlo College
11 Blake Hunter Dickinson State
12 David Crow William Penn University

141 Pounds

1 Adam Koballa Notre Dame College
2 Barry Johnson Southern Oregon University
3 Jordan Harer Dakota Wesleyan
4 Christian Martinez Menlo College
5 Michael Davis Cumberland University
6 Jason Costello University of Great Falls
7 Kyle Williams McKendree University
8 Adam Manz Dana College
9 Jacob Murton Campbellsville
10 Nathen Schweitzer Dickinson State
11 Jeff Steele University of the Cumberlands
12 Dustin Howa William Penn University

149 Pounds

1 Matt Burns Grand View University
2 Samuel Schmitz Lindenwood University
3 Jeffrey Pelton Notre Dame College
4 Tyler Chang Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
5 Byron Kuylen University of Great Falls
6 Levi Price Northwestern College
7 Andrew Carrillo Dana College
8 Tim McGoldrick Lindenwood University
9 Jeff Marval Waldorf College
10 Benjamin Garcia California Baptist University
11 Brad Cusatis Hastings College
12 Matt Pridgeon Dickinson State

157 Pounds

1 Thomas Straughn Notre Dame College
2 Tommie Norton/Hooper Southern Oregon University
3 Nikolas Turner Oklahoma City University
4 Ross Mosher University of Great Falls
5 Trace Billet Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
6 Brian Oeschner Lindenwood University
7 Josh Emmett Menlo College
8 Ben Knight Morningside College
9 James Casadaban Cumberland University
10 Jeremy Padilla Waldorf College
11 Josh Swanson William Penn University
12 David Razo California Baptist University

165 Pounds

1 Aaron Winning McKendree University
2 John Murray Lindenwood University
3 Lamar Reed California Baptist University
4 Chris Chionuma Lindenwood University
5 James Linker Campbellsville
5 Brad Lower Grand View University
7 Ryan Tuzon Dana College
8 Brandon Porter Waldorf College
9 David Dwyer McKendree University
10 Kris Spencer Southern Oregon University
11 Nick Zumwalt Dickinson State
12 Mark Meyer Oklahoma City University

174 Pounds

1 Brendon DeCock University of Great Falls
2 Austin Ouellette Montana State University-Northern
3 Christopher Knowland California Baptist University
4 Glenn Rhees Grand View University
5 Kurt Wolff Notre Dame College
6 Cameron Schrempp Dickinson State
7 Damion Stephenson University of the Cumberlands
8 Jameon Rush Hastings College
9 Jason Pence University of Great Falls
10 Adam Houser Grand View University
11 Phillip Oudhuis Campbellsville
12 Donald Woods Lindenwood University

184 Pounds

1 Chris Platt Southern Oregon University
2 Evan Hinebaugh Montana State University-Northern
3 Michael French University of Great Falls
4 Spencer Adams Campbellsville
5 Enock Francois California Baptist University
6 Jacob Oberfoell Missouri Baptist University
7 Tanner Wolk McKendree University
8 Jordan Powers Cumberland University
9 Mark Peiffer Dana College
10 Adam Herrick Waldorf College
11 Josh Geppert Dakota Wesleyan
12 Alex Denman Notre Dame College

197 Pounds

1 Andrew Sanchez McKendree University
2 Justin Rau Grand View University
3 Jake Kallestad Dickinson State
4 Ike Okenwa Missouri Baptist University
5 Alex Calvi University of Great Falls
6 Nicholas Leither Northwestern College
7 Ronald Lee Southern Oregon University
8 Evan Mattingly Montana State University-Northern
9 Derek Foore Notre Dame College
10 Karl Spain William Penn University
11 Jeff Roman Waldorf College
12 Joseph Lockett Morningside College


1 John Bates Southern Oregon University
2 Corey Johnson Oklahoma City University
3 Cedric Powell McKendree University
4 Byron Stewart Cumberland University
5 Michael Wakim Missouri Baptist University
6 Willie Hernandez Jamestown College
7 Joshua Marquez California Baptist University
8 David Coffey Campbellsville
9 Jason Lloyd York College
10 Jonathan Wilbourne Dana College
11 Orlando Scales Notre Dame College
12 Willie Wiggins Lindenwood University
12 Aaron Field Jamestown College
12 Ryan Groom William Penn University
Allen Brown

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