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Q&A with Case Western Reserve Head Coach Danny Song

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Q&A with Case Western Reserve Head Coach Danny Song

Postby Allen Brown » Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:38 pm

^^November 16, 2015-

Q&A with Danny Song, Head Wrestling Coach

Q: What goals have you and the team set for the upcoming season?

A: The number one goal coming into this season is to unite as a team. While wrestling is an individual sport, we will never meet and exceed our capabilities alone. There is no doubt we are tougher together.

Q: What does the team need to do to meet the goals?

A: The team has done an outstanding job of this so far. We have a few guys who are taking initiative and bringing energy, and this mentality is beginning to catch fire. As we continue this trend the next step is to truly look out for each other and make each other better. The most reliable way to do this is to hold each other accountable to doing the right things, the right way, every time. This is not always comfortable or convenient but it is worth it: all things worth while require honest sacrifice.

Q:Who do you expect to be standout performers for the team this year?

A: I am looking forward to see who emerges at 125 pounds. We have two options in Matt Moy and Luke DiMuzio. It is encouraging to know that both Matt and Luke meet the standard of Spartan Wrestling as evidenced by their work ethic and commitment. Here is real example of two guys going for the same thing with everything they have and because of that they raise the level of their counterpart. In time we will have this scenario in all ten weight classes and when that happens we will have achieved our goal of uniting as a team, making each other better everyday.
Allen Brown


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