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11/25/15 BAC Goes 3-0 at Brewton-Park Duals

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11/25/15 BAC Goes 3-0 at Brewton-Park Duals

Postby Allen Brown » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:11 am

Wrestling Wins All Three Duals At Brewton-Parker

Nov 25, 2015
The Belmont Abbey wrestling team won all three duals today at the Brewton-Park duals, as the Crusaders defeated the Truett-McConnell 35-12, West Virginia Tech 45-10 and the hosts 36-12. Belmont Abbey's dual record is now 4-2 and as the team will return to the mat December 2 at Coker.

The Crusaders dropped just six out of 30 matches on the day as the Abbey dominated all three opponents.

Belmont Abbey 35, Truett-McConnell 12
125 Jose Castanon (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) over William Rees (BAC) (Fall 1:36)
133 Troy Gregor (BAC) over Devonte Upshaw (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) (Fall 0:32)
141 Emilio Elliott (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) over Kane Price (BAC) (Dec 3-1)
149 Scott Bosak (Belmont Abbey) over Unknown (For.)
157 Nicauzi Mitchell (BAC) over David Capers (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) (Dec 9-6)
165 Joe Coss (BAC) over Blaine Bird (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) (MD 10-1)
174 Tyler Maclain (BAC) over Blaine Bird (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) (MD 14-6)
184 Joey Cable (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) over Bryan Greenbaum (BAC) (SV-1 7-5)
197 Gerry Vassil (BAC) over Unknown (For.)
285 Chaas Delgado (BAC) over Dustin Branom (Truett-McConnell (Ga.)) (Fall 1:56)

Belmont Abbey 45, West Virginia Tech 10
125: Tristan Bean (WVTW) over William Rees (BAC) (MD 18-10)
133: Troy Gregor (BAC) over (WVTW) (For.)
141: Kane Price (BAC) over Dennis Marmalyukov (WVTW) (Fall 2:37)
149: Scott Bosak (BAC) over Caleb Barley (WVTW) (Fall 0:24)
157: Nicauzi Mitchell (BAC) over (WVTW) (For.)
165: Joe Coss (BAC) over Giovane Lins (WVTW) (TF 19-3 6:22)
174: Tyler Maclain (BAC) over Bryan Overton (WVTW) (MD 14-0)
184: Bryan Greenbaum (BAC) over (WVTW) (For.)
197: Terry Nance (WVTW) over Gerry Vassil (BAC) (Fall 5:41)
285: Chaas Delgado (BAC) over Jon Boarman (WVTW) (Fall 1:14)

Belmont Abbey 36, Brewton-Parker 12
125: Emery Cline (BPG) over William Rees (BAC) (Fall 4:37)
133: Troy Gregor (BAC) over Omar Ruiz (BPG) (TF 17-2 4:41)
141: David Bobeck (BAC) over Ethan Wampler (BPG) (MD 17-5)
149: Scott Bosak (BAC) over (BPG) (For.)
157: Nathen Pristavec (BPG) over Nicauzi Mitchell (BAC) (Fall 5:38)
165: Joe Coss (BAC) over Dakota Slade (BPG) (Dec 8-6)
174: Tyler Maclain (BAC) over Wilder Elliott (BPG) (Fall 1:50)
184: John Wilson (BAC) over Marcus Gaines (BPG) (Dec 12-9)
197: Gerry Vassil (BAC) over (BPG) (For.)
285: Chaas Delgado (BAC) over MaShawn Knight (BPG) (Dec 4-1)
Allen Brown


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