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Bloomsburg Future

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Re: Bloomsburg Future

Postby HFO » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:56 am

Husky1967 wrote:Well said, MM. It is abundantly clear that the athletic administration at Bloomsburg is simply not doing the job. The decline of Bloomsburg athletics under this current regime is quite evident. Any number of wealthy contributors to and supporters of Bloom wrestling have been rebuffed and/or alienated in some degree in the last year or so --including me, although I still contribute some $$. There is a "do nothing" aura when it comes to encouraging fund raising and no "spit and fire" about much of anything. Under this current athletic administration, Bloom athletics have "slipped" enormously. Before this same athletic administration came to the helm, we had a very competent AD in Mary Gardner who shepherded Bloom through years of astounding accomplishments. I and many other wrestling supporters had at times our issues and disagreements with her, but in the end the result was we had a highly competitive team and were quite competitive at the Div I level in wrestling, but even more so we had astounding success at the Div II level in many sports. Now, we are not really competitive in much of anything. It is to me incredible that there is no forceful fund raising going on at Bloomsburg for football, wrestling, or other sports to the best of my knowledge. AND if there is, I would like to know why nobody contacts the many long time supporters, as my record and that of others of contributing to Bloomsburg athletic scholarship funding is that of long standing generosity. I am simply saddened and displeased by the current posture of the current athletic administration at Bloomsburg. It is time for a change of philosophy. It is time to become aggressive and to place some emphasis on athletic excellence instead of sitting back and being content with playing the game without some recognizably significant and positive results at a respectable level of competitiveness. Currently what is going on is not good enough! One knowledgeable wrestling friend recently stated to me that a radical change is needed What we have now at Bloom is what seems to be an atmosphere of doing very little to improve Bloomsburg athletics! If you ask why all the PSAC West football programs have by far more football scholarships, there is no viable answer! If you ask why LHU, Clarion, and Edinboro have by far more wrestling scholarships, there is no viable answer. These are valid questions. In fact, what is really needed is a change in philosophy whereby there is an enabling type of policy to raise and increase the amounts of scholarship money and thereby reinvigorate the Husky fan base, reenlist former supporters who have left the fold, and enable the ability to compete at the levels of five or six years ago. Such a change must come and be forcefully encouraged by the athletic administration. Further failure to do so is not acceptable.

Well said. It comes down to leadership stating what they want excellence in and then measuring progress toward that goal. There is a big correlation between athletic success and donor money. The answer is for alumni to demand a new President and AD.
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Re: Bloomsburg Future

Postby Husky1967 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:06 pm

The wrestling scholarship fund in the last fiscal year--I have learned-- received a scant amount of $850 from donors. I know whence $500 of that amount came Another $300 came from another loyal donor. Now you tell me how well the athletic administration is performing with respect to facilitating and encouraging the raising of funds by means of contributions from alumni and supporters for Div I wrestling !!?? When it comes to Div I wrestling, Edinboro, Lock Haven, and Clarion all have far superior amounts of scholarship money as compared to Bloomsburg. The most generous contributors to wrestling at Bloomsburg have obviously been alienated, have become disinterested, and no longer are contributing. Whose fault is this? Why was a major benefactor's efforts to help rejuvenate Bloomsburg wrestling for all intents and purposes rebuffed? Meanwhile the administration just seems to take it in stride, puts on a happy face, and ostensibly thinks that things will be OK and seems not to be concerned about a wrestling team which is obviously not capable of competing at the level of Div One. This is a team that was capable five or six years ago of beating the likes of Michigan and winning the dual meet title in the EWL!! If the Bloomsburg athletic administration had any sense of realistic scholarship management and realistic ability to compete at the Division I level, the wrestling program would not be limping along with it hands tied behind its back when it comes to recruiting at least a couple viable Division I athletes who have a chance of becoming AA's along with an able supporting cast. We all know what is happening at Edinboro, Clarion, and LHU. As for what about the other sports at Bloom, one might ask: "What about them?" My response is: "What about them?" What about football in the PSAC, a conference in which all the western schools (excluding Clarion) are far better funded than all the football teams in the PSAC East. Bloomsburg has hovered around ten full football scholarships for quite some time now, which are obviously paid out to numerous athletes in the form of partial scholarships. Fair enough; but at the same time the Huskies are competing in crossover games against teams with far better funding (excluding Clarion) such as IUP (29 football scholarships), California (close to 20), Slippery Rock (probably over 20),and the list goes on with the likes of Edinboro, Seton Hill, Mercyhurst, and Gannon. Why is this the case? Response or rebuttal or explanation, anybody??

PS: Shippensburg in the PSAC East is also better funded in football than Bloomsburg! No surprise, as Shippensburg until recent years was a member of the PSAC West.
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