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EWL Gets 24 Qualification Slots

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EWL Gets 24 Qualification Slots

Postby Allen Brown » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:05 pm

^^^2/23/12 link to Intermat's article-

http://www.themat.com/section.php?secti ... leID=24739
Allen Brown

Re: EWL Gets 24 Qualification Slots

Postby Pinnum » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:41 pm

Looking at the EWL rankings to use a rough projection of who might earn the bids:


03)tie Bloomsburg
03)tie West Virginia
03)tie Clarion
06)Lock Haven
07)Cleveland State

EWL individual rankings

125 Pounds
01)Anthony Zanetta, Pitt
02)Sean Boylan, Bloom

03)Shane Young, WVU
04)Cory Mines, EUP

133 Pounds
01)AJ Schopp, EUP
02)Shelton Mack, Pitt
03)Nate Pennesi, WVU

04)Nick Wilcox, Bloom

141 Pounds
01)Mitchell Port, EUP
02)Mike Morales, WVU

03)Travis Shaffer, Pitt
04)Matt Bonson, LHU

149 Pounds
01)tie David Habat, EUP
01)tie Tyler Nauman, Pitt

03)Cameron Moran, CUP
04)Bryce Busler, Bloom

157 Pounds
01)James Fleming, CUP
02)Donnie Tasser, Pitt

03)Frank Hickman, Bloom
04)Aaron Fry, LHU
*Suspect that Hickman earned the bid and will keep it.

165 Pounds
01)Bekzod Abdurakhmanov, CUP [/b
]02)Tyler Wilps, Pitt
03)Seth Creasy, LHU
04)Kevin Hartnett, Bloom

174 Pounds
[b]01)Ethan Headell, Pitt
02)Mike Dessino, Bloom
03)Lance Bryson, WVU

04)Chris Hrunka, EUP

184 Pounds
01)Matt Ryan, WVU
02)Vic Avery, EUP
03)Andy Vaughan, Pitt

04)Steve Cressley, CUP

197 Pounds
01)Chris Honeycutt, EUP
02)Matt Wilps, Pitt
03)Richard Perry, Bloom

04)Alex Thomas, CUP

285 Pounds
01)tie Ernest James, EUP
01)tie Brandon Williamson, WVU
03)tie Harry Turner, LHU
03)tie Quintas McCorkle, CUP

*Toss up for the third bid.
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