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WrestleStat Week 5 Rankings

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WrestleStat Week 5 Rankings

Postby andegre » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:27 am

Before we jump into the rankings this week, I'd just like to point out that there were a few anomolies in the rankings the last 2 weeks. They have been researched and a bug in the rankings code was found. I incorrectly implemented the algorithm where "new" wrestlers (wrestlers with less than 15 matches against Division I opponents) were factoring wins over lower ranked wrestlers as if they were the underdog. That has been fixed. One example you can look at is Josiah Kline at 125. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/45 ... ah/profile

Wrestler Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/wrestler

Dual Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/dual

Tournament Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/tournament

Statistical Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/statistical

Hodge Watch: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/hodge

Don't forget, If you want to play around with the rankings yourself, try out the Tournament Projection Tool...
Tournament Projection Tool: https://www.wrestlestat.com/tourney/projection
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