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Army's results from Journeyman Classic

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Army's results from Journeyman Classic

Postby TCOIX » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:49 pm

Interesting way to run this tourney. They grouped each weight class by ability, so that all wrestlers were competing against others of comparable ability. After the groupings, they competed in a round robin type format - as time would allow. In several brackets, they had "placement matches" at the end - after everyone had wrestled 3 guys in their respective groups. As you might suspect, OKST and Lehigh had a lot of guys in the "A brackets".

If a wrestler won a bunch of wins by tech, fall, or major, they probably could have competed in a higher bracket.

Copied from Army's site.

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – The Army West Point wrestling team completed its second tournament of the season at the Journeyman Collegiate Classic on Sunday.

125 lbs.
A Bracket
Trey Chalifoux (4th): 1-2, MD
W, Major Decision, 20-6 vs. Josiah Kline (Lock Haven)
L, 10-4 vs. #3 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) [closer than I would have thought]. Match was tighter than score suggests.
Third Place: L, Fall at 3:37 vs. Will Bardezbain (Kent State)

B Bracket
Conner Ziegler (4th): 1-2, Fall
L, Fall at 1:13 vs. Luke Werner (Lock Haven)
W, Fall at 5:28 vs. Gary Wayne-Harding (Oklahoma State)
Third Place: L, 4-3 vs. Jacob Martin (Hofstra)

133 lbs.
B Bracket
Lane Peters (2nd): 2-1, Fall, MD
W, Fall at 4:49 vs. Andrew Szalwinski (The Citadel)
L, 9-2 vs. D.J. Fehlman (Lock Haven)
W, Major Decision, 11-0 vs. Garrett Lambert (Hofstra)

141 lbs.
B Bracket
Austin Harry (6th): 0-3
L, 3-2 vs. Ryan Pomrinca (Lehigh)
L, 5-3 vs. Brent Moore (Virginia Tech)
L, 3-2 vs. Kizhan Clarke (American)

149 lbs.
C Bracket
Knox Fuller (1st): 3-0, Fall, 2 TFs
W, Technical Fall, 16-0 vs. Elijah Murphy (American)
W, Technical Fall, 19-1 vs. Connor Muli (Hofstra)
W, Fall at 1:12 vs. Jake Keating (Virignia)

157 lbs.
A Bracket
Lucas Weiland (2nd): 2-1, MD
W, Major Decision, 10-0 vs. #18 Casey Sparkman (Kent State)
W, 5-0 vs. Jonce Baylock (Oklahoma State)
L, Major Decision, 12-2 vs. Ian Brown (Lehigh)

C Bracket
Beau Guffey (2nd): 2-1
W, 3-2 vs. Douglass Gudenburr (The Citadel)
W, 5-2 vs. Michael Murphy (Virginia)
L, 9-6 vs. Sam Schneider (Ithaca)

165 lbs.
A Bracket
Andrew Mendel (3rd): 2-1, TF
W, Technical Fall, 18-3 vs. Colin Shannon (Kent State)
L, 4-3 vs. #18 Cole Walter (Lehigh)
Third Place: W, 9-6 vs. Drew Longo (Lehigh)

174 lbs.
A Bracket
#19 Ben Harvey (3rd): 2-1, MD
W, Major Decision 8-0 vs. Bobby Fehr (Hofstra)
L, 6-2 vs. #12 Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State)
Third Place: W, 5-1 vs. Willie Scott (Rutgers)

C Bracket
Graham Ratermann (3rd): 2-1, Fall
W, Fall at 1:39 vs. Steven Rice (Ithaca)
L, 9-5 vs. Lane Hinkle (Kent State)
Third Place: W, 9-7 vs. Michael Lopouchanski (The Citadel)

184 lbs.
A Bracket
Jack Wedholm (4th): 1-2, MD
W, Major Decision 11-1 vs. Cory Damiana (Hofstra)
L, Major Decision, 8-0 vs. #6 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh)
Third Place: L, Fall at 0:37 vs. Keegan Moore (Oklahoma State)

B Bracket
Noah Stewart (1st): 4-0, 2 Falls, TF, MD
W, Major Decision, 11-0 vs. Trey Hartsock (Lock Haven)
W, Fall at 2:32 vs. Colin McCracken (Kent State)
W, Technical Fall vs. Jack Walsh (Virginia)
Finals: W, Fall at 2:23 vs. Prince Hyeamang (American)

C Bracket
Jeremiah Imonode (1st): 3-0, MD
W, 4-3 vs. Shane Mast (Kent State)
W, Major Decision, 14-3 vs. Chandler Sambets (The Citadel)
W, 3-2 vs. Jake Ashcroft (Ithaca)

197 lbs.
B Bracket
Rocco Caywood (1st): 3-0, TF, MD
W, Major Decision, 13-1 vs. Kevin Mulligan (Rutgers)
W, Technical Fall vs. Mike Oxley (Hofstra)
Finals: W, 8-2 vs. Sawyer Root (The Citadel)

285 lbs.
C Bracket
Bobby Heald (2nd): 2-1
W, 8-4 vs. Robert Scerer (Virginia)
L, 4-1 vs. Razohnn Gross (Rutgers)
W, 8-3 vs. Nicholas Scott (Castleton)

The Black Knights compiled a combined record of 30-16 on the day, including 19 bonus point wins on six falls, five technical falls and eight major decisions.

Knox Fuller (149 lbs., C bracket), Noah Stewart (184 lbs., B bracket), Jeremiah Imonode (184 lbs., C bracket) and Rocco Caywood (197 lbs., B bracket) each earned first-place finishes, led by Stewart's 4-0 performance.

Noah Stewart opened the tournament with his 20th-career bonus point win with an 11-0 major decision.
Rookie Lane Peters earned his first-career pin at 4:49 of his opening bout.
Lucas Weiland earned his first-career victory over a ranked opponent with a 10-0 major decision against No. 18 Casey Sparkman.
Rocco Caywood and Andrew Mendel posted their 20th-career bonus point wins with technical falls.
Jack Wedholm documented his 60th-career win against Cory Damiana with an 11-1 major decision for the 40th bonus point victory of his career.
Ben Harvey and Noah Stewart earned their 25th-career victories at the tournament.
Knox Fuller earned the first three bonus point victories of his career, including a pin over Jake Keating.
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Re: Army's results from Journeyman Classic

Postby Ivan » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:31 pm

Knox Fuller is going to be a great starter for the next four seasons assuming good health. He is out of the Chattanooga area in Tennessee and one of the better wrestlers to come out of the state in a few years. Expect good things from him.
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Re: Army's results from Journeyman Classic

Postby JDALU75 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:21 am

Coaches also try to get their wrestlers into certain pools for the matchups. For instance, Lehigh tends to want to avoid rematches and too many matches against opponents their wrestlers will see during the year. The 125A bracket had three EIWA starters from teams Lehigh will meet and Piccininni from Okie State; they didn't want Darian Cruz wrestling Piccininni again so soon or meeting three guys he'll see again in duals, so he was in the B pool.
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