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Navy Optimism Soars after wrestle-offs

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Navy Optimism Soars after wrestle-offs

Postby weh » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:00 pm

I came away from yesterdays wrestle-offs very pleased with what I saw. sharing my weight by weight thoughts below:
125 - Aslan Kilic (NG) dec Logan Treaster (NB) 3-2 - Senior Leadbeter w/ out with a minor injury - so 2 very aggressive freshman battled - Kilic looked a little faster and bigger, both will be fine D1 wrestlers, but Darien Cruz need not worry yet.
133 - Cody Trybus (NG) dec Jonathan Gabriel (NG) 5-2 - lambert out w/ an injury - again 2 freshman both went after it - Trybus has the muscle/technique/ speed to be effective this year.
141 - Nicholas Gil (NG) major Kyle Trybus (NB) 16-5 - Jr. Nich Gil , former NCAA qualifier, looks ready to challenege for AA status, but \Jared Prince may upset that when he gets down to weight, but thats not a gimme.
149 - Corey Wilding (NB) dec Connor Prince (NG) 6-3 - Team captain Wilding looks very aggressive and stronger- Connor Prince looks good too but not quite there after being out a year w/ an injury.
157 - Zack Davis (NG) dec Quentin Hovis (NB) 5-0 - Hovis looked great in prior match against another Navy wrestler, however Davis has muscled up to be a legit 157 pounder and his improved TD game will complement his already great moat wrestling. I feel Hovis will be terific in time after he muscles up some.
165 - Jonathan Carrera (NG) fall Drew Daniels (NB) 6:10 - Sr Daniels was leading by a point until Jr. Carrera took him down for the lead and pin.
174 - AJ Alford (NB) dec Jadaen Bernstein (NG) 6-3 - Biggest surprise of the day, but So. Alford is a talented athlete who will make Bernstein sharper or AJ will be the starter - TBD
184 - Michael Coleman (NB) fall Alex Benoit (NG) 0:39 - Sr Coleman is WOW very improved over last year when he was ONLY EIWA 2nd.
197 - Steban Cervantes (NG) dec Joshua Roetman (NB) 4-3 - Sr Cervantes was pushed by the sophomore from Alaska.
285 - Austin Faunce (NB) dec Thomas Ott (NG) 4-3 - faunce also beat So. Piehl when Piehl took a late 3rd period shot - Piehl looked good beating Ott in and earlier match.
In general the starters from last year looked stronger and leaner (except hwt Ott) - this is definitely the best Navy team Coach Sharrett has matted, and possibly capable of being an EIWA title team, with obvious depth to succeed even w an injury or 2. WE shall see
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Re: Navy Optimism Soars after wrestle-offs

Postby USNA'72 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:54 pm

141 - Nicholas Gil (NG) was in mid-season form; he is a takedown machine - maybe the best Mid on his feet.

157 - Zack Davis (NG) dec Quentin Hovis (NB) 5-0 - Davis made Hovis, who wrestled 152 in HS last year look small, which makes one wonder how Davis made 133 two years ago!!

184 - Michael Coleman (NB) fall Alex Benoit (NG) 0:39 - WOW!! Coleman was up at least 6-0, maybe 10-0 when pin occurred just 39 seconds into match

197 - Steban Cervantes (NG) - seems to be able to get the takedown when he needs it
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Re: Navy Optimism Soars after wrestle-offs

Postby Ivan » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:13 pm

The Mids seem to have very good depth from 141 through 197. I can see this team sending 6-8 qualifiers to NCAA's.
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