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lets get it going

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lets get it going

Postby mtdew » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:30 am

any word on nick?

Jimmy been looking great here of late where does he place at big 10s
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Re: lets get it going

Postby Wpial Bigot » Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:35 pm

Gulibon has really been wrestling well lately. Seems he's able to finish his shots and he's getting to his feet off bottom. I believe he'll be an All American. Could he win it? He can beat Heil and he's everyones favorite. Realistically...I see him somewhere in the 3-6 range. Would be awesome to see him wrestling Saturday night. My gut feeling on Suriano is he will be ok. If there's any doubt, they'll have him wrestle a match at BIGs and then forfeit the rest of the way out. He'll then get another 2 weeks to heal. Sanderson has said he'll be at the BIGs which is good news.
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Re: lets get it going

Postby nittanykid » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:19 am

Latest news on Suriano is that he'll be a game time decision. My gut is telling me that he may wrestle one match at B1G, then forfeit out. He's at worst a 3 seed at NCAA's, even if he doesn't wrestle his conference tournament. There's really no advantage in wrestling him at B1G. The only upside is if he were to make the finals and beat Gilman, then he'd be the #1 seed at NCAA's. However, the downside is if he loses to anyone else, he's at risk to drop down to a 4 or 5 seed and wind up on the top half of the bracket at NCAA's. The risks far exceed the benefits at this point, especially if his ankle isn't 100%.

As for Gulibon, he got the 2 seed at B1G, and he's going to have to wrestle to his seed in order to grab a nice seed at NCAA's. Remember, last year he was almost in the same situation, finished second in the B1G tournament, and still had a bad seed at NCAA's. I'm hoping he can at least make the finals again, and maybe if he wrestles a tremendous match, beat Ashnault and grab a top 5 seed at nationals. I'm hoping to see him on the podium in St. Louis, and he is doing a much better job at finishing his shots, but I'm still predicting him to make the round of 12 and miss being an AA. It's just a really deep weight and he just struggles against most of the taller wrestlers at the weight.
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