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Re: Maryland 2018

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:48 am
by MadHatter
I just realized that I have been referring to Goodwin as "Alexander", for at least a month. I guess it's the weight class thing. Sorry if I've caused any confusion.

Anyhow, last I'm going to comment on the Rutgers match. As several people have noted, we looked good from a talent standpoint, but we're seeing the same lineup problems that have plagued us in the past.

Just for shits and giggles, let's say we have Goodwin, Bannister, and Whisler in the lineup. I think that Bannister and Whisler are good for wins vs. their respective opponents; not guaranteed of course, but I feel it's safe money. Instead of 27-9, we're now 21-15 (I doubt we could have scored bonus in either of these matches). Goodwin is such an enigma- he racks up points, but lets opponents rack them up on him as well. He has gone toe to toe with ranked guys before, and DelVicchio didn't appear to be anywhere near invincible. I won't give Goodwin 50/50 odds to win... but almost. Regardless, you see where I'm going- at worst we're looking at a 6-point match, and possibly much closer. Instead of "Rutgers Flattens Hapless Maryland" headlines, we would be seeing articles about the young, upstart Terps, and how they took a top-10 team down to the wire.

And if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass a-hoppin. Bottom line is we didn't have 3 key starters, and we didn't keep it close. What a shame.

We get Campbell and George Mason this Sunday. Mason should be a cakewalk... emphasis on should because we somehow managed to lose to them a few years back. Campbell is a fairly tough team; no superstars, but fairly solid up and down.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:39 am
by ne125
Madhatter, that's what everyone's frustration is, we don't field a complete lineup so we go into these matches without a shot to win. If we fielded a full lineup and maybe got an upset or two, we MIGHT have been able to knock of Rutgers. Tell me that wouldn't be a program defining win? Instead, we have three guys sitting and lose by 18 points. It's frustrating as a fan and I am hoping it it's equally as frustrating to the coaches and athletes themselves. Where is the accountability? On another note, early signing period began yesterday and we don't have one commitment. I am not sure how that's even possible. I saw that NC State had 13 early commitments, many of which are elite kids.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:36 pm
by fitzi22
I see the Terps season outlook was posted and they refer to Whisler in the same fashion as Baby J. Does this mean he will be out for an extended period? Possibly for the same reason as Baby J? Who knows. I’ve heard nothing about from anywhere. Also Goodwin isn’t listed at all in the outlook and I hear he is done, so I guess we can finally stop referring to him as a starter who is out. 133 will be a tough weight for us this year, we will probably see several guys mix in to the starting lineup.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:22 am
by MadHatter
Campbell may be a tough match for us. While they only have 1 top-20 guy, their top to bottom lineup is pretty solid, with only a few holes. I went ahead and checked out their site for their lineup:

125- Meink: True freshman, 1-1 this year. Cray should win this, hopefully with some bonus.

133- Boston: Junior Iowa State transfer, was a blue chipper out of high school, but hasn’t seen much action in 3 seasons (career 21-14). Currently 1-1, but kept it close with AU’s Terao, who is tough. After Doetsch's performance in wrestle-offs and against a top-20 guy last week, I'm feeling pretty good with this one. However Boston brings some experience, something Doetsch is lacking. Early season test here- if Doetsch pulls the win, he may establish himself as an early season sleeper for us.

141- Ryan: Second year starter, went 13-10 last year and is 1-1 this year. Diehl should take this match easily. Of course I said that last week, but Campbell is not Rutgers, and their lineup simply isn't as strong or deep.

149- Barton: Second year starter who went 15-13 during his freshman season. Currently is 1-1. Like last week, Whitesail is more than capable of winning this- in fact he should. Bannister probably bonuses here... OK, I'll stop.

157- Kraisser: Went 21-11 during his freshman season last year. He is 2-0 on the season. If we go with Cochran, he may have his hands full again. Kraisser is no Lewis, but he's a hammer. I don't see Kraisser running the table with Alexander or Cochran, but I don't see either getting a win against him.

165- Perez: 3rd year starter and an NCAA qualifier last season, when he went 22-12. Another 1-1 record here. Burnham isn't at the level of NCAA qualifiers, and he got smoked pretty badly last week by a fringe top-20 guy. If he can keep it to a regular decision I'll be happy.

174- Morgan: Second year starter who was 17-7 last season, including a 13-1 decision over Brendan Burnham. He is 2-0, and looks like he racks up points and pins. Another tough one for Ugalde, but if he wrestles like he did last week he should pull it out.

184- Funck: True freshman with solid credentials, 0-2 on the year. Jaron really needs to bounce back strong after last week's disappointing loss, and I think he will. In fact, I see Jaron hitting something nasty and ending it early.

197- Brownridge/Mcneill: As a 2-year starter, McNeill is for more experienced, but his career record is middling (.500 last year). Brownridge is a true freshman. Unfortunately, with our backup 174 here, I see few wins for us this season, including this one.

275- Heino: 3rd year starter, and was an NCAA qualifier last year with a 26-10 record. He went 2-2 at NCAA’s, and was ultimately knocked out by Hemida (3-2). This should be a good match, and another early chance for Hemida to keep himself in the conversation for AA potential.

All things considered, we match up pretty well against them. Campbell has made some noise recently, with a very well known coach and a solid performance last year. However, barring any meltdowns or yet more people mysteriously disappearing from the lineup, we should win it with a bit of breathing room.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:01 pm
by MadHatter
126- I thought Cay looked great today. He did allow some deep shots in the first, but he countered very well- once or twice I thought he was in trouble, but he has some slick D. Unorthodox stick, but I’ll take it. Good match for Cray.

133: Ugh. I was really hoping we found a diamond in the rough with Doetcsh, especially after his tough appearance against a tough wrestler last week. Alas, he was just taken apart today. Boston did look good- he just pushed and pushed, and those power half’s were brutal. He pretty much rode Doestch at will and pretty much turned him at will.

141: Diehl looked OK… first period was a bit disappointing, and I was hoping he would come out firing a bit harder. Diehl did a good job in the second; his top game is pretty legit. In fact, I think he’s probably got the best top game on the squad this year. Nothing fancy here, but Diehl controlled the match and a win is a win.

149: Whitesail likes to push action, but he is just too sloppy. This results in lots of pins in open tournaments against second tier guys. However, against quality D1 starters… I just don’t see him scoring too many wins this year.

157: Cochran is a scrapper. He shoots a lot, and most of his shots are good. He does need to work on his finishes- he got in deep numerous times but was too slow to convert. He also did a nice job controlling from top in the second and stayed sharp into the third. Two things I like about this guy: he has a great gas tank and he pushes action. A lot of guys would have just protected their lead in the third, but he kept pushing. Nice win against a quality opponent.

165: Burnham shows some nice stuff from time to time, he is scrappy and he wrestles hard. However, he is a just not at the level of most D1 starters. Perez is tough- he’s a 20-match winner and an NCAA qualifier. But it doesn’t get much easier from here, and we’re going to be giving up a lot of points here this season.

174: I’m still trying to wrap my brain around Ugalde’s style. He seems to operate in slow motion and he doesn’t really push for much (stall call in the 1st period, you don’t see that every day). That second period was just depressing. He finally opened up in the third, but it was too little too late. His counter wrestling is very good, but he is going to need to do more than wait for mistakes.

184: Wow, you gotta love those doubles- such a pretty move when hit well. Besides his success with his takedowns, Jaron did well with top control and wasted little time getting out from bottom. I was a tad disappointed Jaron rode him out for the third- given his propensity for hitting home runs from his feet, I would have liked things to go to neutral. Overall a nice, solid win though.

197: Capello is just too small for the bruisers at this weight. He’s a fighter, and doesn’t give up too much, but he is just out of his element. Lack of depth just killing us here.

275: I’m really liking Hemida this season, and his offseason freestyle has really helped his neutral game. He moves well for a big guy and he isn’t scared to shoot from space- something relatively rare at this weight. Heino is tough as nails, and this was a high-quality win for Hemida. Great match all in all- loved that 3rd period Granby from Heinio to avoid the takedown, even though it got waved off.

Another Groundhog Day- almost done in by needless holes in the roster. But we did survive and pick up a criteria win over a legit opponent. Upsides: Cray’s stick, Jaron bouncing back and dominating, and Cochran picking up a solid win over a solid guy. Downsides: Ugalde not showing up, Doetsch getting absolutely smothered, and… yet again… lineup management.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:08 pm
by fitzi22
Pretty good weekend by the Terps in general. I’m feeling higher on the Terps than I have in several years. I think we can have a pretty successful year this year and an even better one next year (after that should another story). I think in order for this year to be considered a success we can and should win all of our non conference duals, win one conference dual (away at Northwestern is the only on that jumps off the page), and qualify 6 for NCAAs. Obviously the situation with Baby Js grades and whatever is going on with Whisler will affect the number of qualifiers but I feel this team has enough talent to qualify 6. I however do not think Ugalde will be one of them. He is a very emotional wrestler who is very talented and his work ethic in the weight room has been recognized by all. When he is up he can hang with or even beat just about anyone. When he is down it is painful to watch. I can’t get the Indiana match from last year out of my head where he had 3 stalling calls and 5 cautions in the final period and a half against a wrestler who had a losing record. At one point I thought he was gonna fight the ref and the Maryland staff sat there in disbelief. His emotional swings are drastic and can be destructive. He needs to find consistency somehow.... I just don’t know if it’s possible. I expect him to beat some ranked guys this year, like against Rutgers. I also expect him to not show up and lose head scratchers to far inferior competition. I’m glad to see these guys competing as a team and it will be fun to see them develop further this year. Let’s see how far they can go this year and next, it should be fun.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:12 pm
by ne125
Fitzi, thanks for the confirmation on Goodwin. I hadn’t heard that. Oh well, Very similar career/ending as his brother. Wasted potential. A few thoughts,
Cray-had a very nice day. Beating Ibrahim Bunduka, who is a senior NCAA qualifier, was huge. It shows what sort of potential Cray has. This is the type of win that could earn him a top 30 ranking when the NWCA come out in the 2nd semester. I like the fact he grinded out a tough win.
Doetsch had a tough day though he went against some decent competition for sure. Hopefully he can show some potential as the year goes on to prove he’ll be a factor at 133 for years to come. For him, improvement is the name of the game and there’ll be plenty of opportunity for it with our schedule. For this year, it may be a hole in the lineup Betroni should be in the mix to start next year. I like his aggressive style. Probably a need to recruit 133/141 for the future to add depth or a stud.
Diehl beat two pretty solid kids though didn’t wrestle his best. I think he could be in store for a big year. He seems to have figured out how to win consistently at the college level which is a big hurdle to clear. He’s in for some tough competition but there is the potential for a very nice season.
Whitesell is a very solid backup. I hope Bannister is ready for Midlands. We’re really thin here depth wise unless Jahi Jones could suck down.
Very big day for Cochran. I agree with Madhatter, the kid is a goer. He was a winner in highschool and will be the same at the college level. Beating Kraisser was huge for many reasons. Kraisser was a top 60 recruit out of Maryland who was destined to goto Campbell to wresle for Kolat. He had a very good freshmen year. For Cochran to beat him so early in his career is telling.
Burnham has wrestled two solid kids this year but has been teched in each match. Not a good sign at all. I think the preview said that Idris White might get down to 165 which would be an interesting possibilty considering he wrestled at 184 last year. Idris has a lot of upside though is still unpolished in certain areas. Gerish is a good back up.
Ugalde needs to win these types of matches to prove he’s a legit top 25 kid. Morgan is good but it’s still the type of match Josh needs to win. Consistency is the name of the game here.
If Jaron wrestles a full match and doesn’t gas, he’s going to be one tough kid to beat. He has a huge upside and is another kid who could be in the top 25 before long. He’s also inconsistent but I think this is the year he gets over the hurdle and shows the nation he is for real. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t upset some very good kids this year
We need Whisler back here in the worse way. Woods and Capello are too small. Whisler is a very talented wrestler but obviously needs to be on the mat competing to show he can start beating legit big ten starters. I am not sure if he’s out for injury or academics but hope he’s ready to go by Midlands as well.
Hemida is a legit stud. He’s gotten better every year here and I give Kerry and HIM obviously a ton of credit for that. He’s a legit top 12 kid right now.
With everyone in the lineup, we are very solid at every weight but maybe133 and 165 right now. Again, little margin for error with inadequate depth which may be tough to overcome.. Desperately needs to get some recruits at 184/197 (assume Mansur Malik will be here 2nd semester at HWT), 165 and 33/41/49.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:18 pm
by MadHatter
The Terps have their work cut out for them this weekend. Stanford is ranked about 20th, they have several ranked guys, several more NCAA qualifiers, and are tough top to bottom. They made the offseason headlines over the summer by losing McKenna, but don’t be fooled- while not Ohio State, this is still a very good team.

125- Schram: Ranked just inside the top 10, 3-time NCAA qualifier, and a former All-American. While I doubt Cray is at this level yet, this match should be a nice testing ground. So far we have seen Cray get hammered by one of the best in the country, pin a 2nd tier guy, and gut out a tough win against an NCAA qualifier. A win here would mean we have a potential AA on our hands, but as long as Cray can stay in it and maybe score a takedown or two, we should be happy.

133- Townsell: Another tough one, as Townsell is a returning qualifier who beat several ranked guys last year. He has lost a few head scratchers this season, but he is still on a different level than Doetsch.

141- Locsin: Looks like a low- to mid-level starter. Diehl should win here. Like the last few weeks, I really hope Diehl turns it on and starts going for bonus, but I’m not holding my breath on anything outside of a 5-2 type decision.

149- Van Der Merwe: Unranked, but solid starter; his only losses this season are to ranked guys, and he’s kept it close with them. I don’t see Whitesail winning here, nor keeping it close.

157- Fox: NCAA qualifier who has won 51 matches in 2 seasons. Currently ranked in the top 10. Very tough going here for Cochran. Cochran looked great last week, and notched his first signature win, but I think Fox is just too experienced. I see Cochran getting off some nice shots and pushing hard enough to keep it respectable, but a win may be a bridge too far.

165- Dallavia: One of the weaker starters on Stanford’s squad, Dallavia is young and hasn’t seen much mat time. He is only 1-4 on the season, although 3 of those losses were to ranked guys. Unfortunately this is also one of our weakest weight classes, so this break likely won’t help us much. Side note here: wrestle-offs aside, I think Gerish is better than Burnham. Gerish has a few tricks up his sleeve, and pulled some nice surprises for us last year.

174- Subjeck: 2-time NCAA qualifier, 2-time 20 match winner. Can Ugalde win this one? Yes, he absolutely has the talent. Will he? If he wrestles like he did against Campbell, no. He needs to dictate the pace of the match and do more than counter-wrestle.

184- Flores: This and 141 are our best chances for wins. Flores is young and inexperienced. Jaron should be able to rack up some points here, and hopefully get some bonus.

197- Traxler: Another young wrestler, but he’s already notched a win over Chaid (#8) from NC. Until we get a real 197 in the lineup, we’ll be doing little more than fighting off bonus wins.

275- Butler: Another tough one for Hemida. Butler is ranked just ahead of Hemida and is a 3-time NCAA qualifier. I think Hemida has looked great this year, and I think he is a legit tip-10 talent. Now he has to prove me right. If he wants to AA, he’ll have to beat guys like Butler.

We really don’t match up well with Stanford. I see only 2 classes where we’re favored to win (141 and 184), and 1 toss-up (275). Any other victories will be something of a stretch, although I can see Ugalde pulling another upset.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:01 pm
by MadHatter
Quick update: I just checked out the MD site, and they're projecting Walker Dempsey at 157 instead of Fox. Nice break for Cochran- Dempsey is solid, but he's not at Fox's level. If Cochran shows us what he did last week, and I have no reason to believe he won't, he should pull a close win here. So we're now looking at 3 Terps-favored matches, and one tossup. Still not enough for a team win though.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:17 pm
by MadHatter
Another sides note: None of Maryland's matches will be broadcasted until Iowa, on Dec 10th. So unless someone has the bankroll and free time of a Robin Ficker, and can fly all over the country to away matches, we're just going to have the box scores to go off of for the next 3 meets. The MD site says that the Dec 7 match vs. Wisconsin will be on the Big 10 Network, but I don't see it listed on that site.

Question- does anyone know what criteria is used to decide if wrestling will be in the pavilion or the main Xfinity area? Personally, I think all their matches should be in the pavilion. It has a capacity of 1500, and I don't see us drawing any more than that, except maybe, MAYBE Penn State. The arena is huge, and even a good crowd of 2K will look minuscule in it. The pavilion, even when 1/4 full, provides a nice environment, and even small crowds can get loud in it.

The schedule says nothing about location- all home matches are scheduled for the "Xfinity Center", with no mention of arena vs. pavilion. It would be nice to know, as I am actually far more inclined to attend pavilion matches.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:40 pm
by 84wrestler
Excellent analysis MadHatter! I really appreciate the insight and the effort!

Re: Maryland 2018

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:20 pm
by Terpfan
Great win for the Terps! Proud of how hard they wrestled today. Two SV wins and an upset at 125. Great day for Maryland.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:12 am
by MadHatter
84wrestler- thank you. I really like to do my part to keep these forums active. Let's face it- college wrestling is a niche sport to begin with, and 90% of the wrestling press is centered around the same half dozen teams. For small time wrestling programs like Maryland, there is virtually no coverage and no real way to follow the team. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who take an active interest in NCAA wrestling, and these forums provide more or less the only discussion outlet for many of us.

Anyway, yes, this just happened... MD just knocked off Stanford. I think that this may be their highest quality win in 5+ years. Unbelievable efforts all around. Sadly, as the match was not broadcasted anywhere, all we have is the match results to go off of. I actually had both the MD and Stanford twitter feeds up, and was refreshing every 30 seconds- about the best I could do.

125: Huge, HUGE win for Cray. Schram is an uber-veteran, and a 3-time NCAA qualifier. I see no way Cray isn't ranked at least in the top-20 when the next rankings come out. Of course one match doesn't make a season, but this coupled with his clutch win over Banduka, puts him on a path to be considered a real threat in the weight class.

133: Simmons/Doetsch/whoever, looks like the results will be the same. These guys are capable backups, but little more. This is just one class where we hope to avoid giving up bonus points.

141: I called a 5-2 win, we got a 6-1. Diehl isn't flashy, but he wins consistently. The big questions is how we will do against elite competition- 4 of our opponents this season have 141's in the top 10.

149: Like 133, Whitesail is a quality backup/utility man. Until we get Baby J back, we're just going to hope for the best.

157: Another nice win for Cochran. He did draw their backup, but he beat him pretty soundly. I love this guys energy and aggressiveness, and if he can avoid the typical MD pitfalls (grades, injuries, "violating team rules", disappearing from the roster), we may be in for a fun 4 years.

165: Right as I was really getting down on him, Burnham pulls a SV win- with what looks like a takedown to near fall combo. Bravo!

174: Different week, same story: Ugalde got in a hole early and managed to make a few points up, but it was too little too late. The guy has the tools; he was nationally ranked out of high school, and he's shown flashes of brilliance over the last two seasons. But he just can't seem to string it all together.

184: Backup Woods scores a clutch win. One thing I have noticed over the years is that on successful teams, this sort of thing happens- a starter goes down and his backup saves the day. Gotta love it.

197: Cappello avoided the tech and the pin. Mathematically it didn't make a difference today, but it may later in the season. For a 2nd stringer competing out of his weight class, he is doing what needs to be done.

285: I think it's safe to say that Hemida now must be considered an elite heavyweight. His neutral game is outstanding, and the rate at which he is improving is almost frightening. Just one year ago, he was fighting a losing record and was getting majored by .500 guys.

Overlooked in all this is that we were missing Jaron Smoth tonight. Woods did his job and got the W, but still.

Great effort, by our young guys, by our backups, and by Hemida. Go Terps!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:29 am
by MadHatter
11/17/17 1:00 PM
The University of Maryland's Wrestling Room

McCoy: "OK guys, let's wrap it up. Good practice today. We're looking ready for Stanford tomorrow- in fact we're on a roll! So far this year, we fought hard against a superior team, beat a highly regarded Campbell squad, and ran over Mason. People are saying this is the best we've looked in several years! Now obviously this won't do, and we have to find a way to lose to Stanford. I mean, one or two upsets here or there, and we may win! So to avoid that, I think it's time for someone to disappear. Any ideas?"

Hemida: "Coach, Jaron has been wrestling pretty well, and he hasn't missed a match since... well, all last season. But he's wrestled 3 in a row!"

McCoy: "Hmmm... yeah, Jaron, why don't you go ahead and disappear. With you out, Woods will probably lose... that way, even if we can score upsets, we can't win! It's prefect!"

Jaron: "Sounds good, Coach. Under the bleachers then?"

McCoy: "Yup, go camp under the bleachers. You can share a sleeping bag with Whisler. Coach Sheptock can run you food- don't worry, he kept Spencer Myers alive under there for an entire year. He knows what he's doing."

Jaron: "Coach, what do I say if anyone asks about me?"

McCoy: "Haha, don't be silly, Jaron. We'll just do what we always do- ignore it! I mean, we just won't say anything at all... we'll keep you listed on the bout sheet, but we'll just send Woods out. Trust me, I've done this hundreds of times!"

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:53 am
by 84wrestler
I hear you on all that MadHatter. In many ways, it just doesn't make sense how McCoy coaches the team. He seems to care very little about the duals and is somewhat clueless (or totally cares less) regarding the fan experience for what few fans there are. Instead of growing the fan base, these actions shrink it. It concerns me regarding the culture in the wrestling room too..

Just a few simple things could change that, but it doesn't seem that important to him. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see that he is sending e-mails out these days and I'm glad for his contribution and the great effort of the whole team to win at Stanford. That was a great win for me and many of the other fans I'm sure and creates the most excitement we've had for Terps Wrestling in quite a while!! Go Terps Wrestling!!!!!