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Maryland Wrestling Weekend Thoughts (vs Minny & MSU)

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Maryland Wrestling Weekend Thoughts (vs Minny & MSU)

Postby ne125 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:33 am

Maryland Wrestling Weekend thoughts:

-Jaron Smith had two wins this weekend moving his record to 3-1 in the big ten. This includes a pin over #18 Koepke and a loss (9-2) to #4 Dudley. He’s 8-8 on the season so far & 3-1 in the big ten. He’s been a bright spot for us and seems to find ways to win. He’s very good on the mat. He still needs alot work on his feet but that will come in time. Throw in Whisler at 184 and this is our strongest weight going forward. Maybe one of them can move up to 197 or down to 174 in the future if need be. I would imagine the staff will redshirt Smith and start Whisler in 2017

-Hodges battled #9 Short on Friday in a match that was closer than the score. Wade needs to get more offense on his feet but like Smith, that will come in time. Unless you’re an elite kid (see JoJo Smith OSU), it takes time to get good on your feet at the highest levels of D1. He dominated the MSU kid. He is now 4-5 on the year & 2-3 in the big ten against some very good competition. His losses are respectable.
-Burnham got outclassed by the Minnesota kid on Friday but still competed hard. That kid was too slick and technical for him. He came back and crushed his MSU opponent. He’s 2-2 in the big ten. Again, all of these guys have to increase their wrestling skills but are showing good promise. They’ll get more technical/better on their feet as time moves on.
-I thought Hemida wrestled the Minnesota wrestler tough on Friday. Obviously that kid is too good right now but Hemida has the right instincts and ability to be a good D1 HWT down the road. He just has to add some strength and size as he’s getting out-horsed in a lot of matches right now. Nice that he beat the Michigan State kid, that should build confidence. Again, these guys just need more matches. No word on Dawson Peck
-I’m kind of concerned about Bannister as he seems to be in a little funk right now. That said, the kids he has gone against are real tough. The minny kid was just a style match up nightmare for Bannister (short/stocky vs Long/Tall). If a few scrambles go a different way, he wins that bout. D1 wrestling in the big ten is an elite level and he just needs to keep working hard and he’ll figure it out. He’s got the talent to be very good. I still maintain that he can beat anyone out there but unfortunately, he’s also not as consistent as we need. He’ll get better and this year will serve him well if he doesn’t lose confidence.
-Lou did what he had to do against a Minnesota kid who stalled big time. Sometimes a close win is ‘good enough’ and you keep plugging along.
-Didn’t see Alexander’s match but Goodwin crushed a solid Minnesota kid. We’re obviously all set at this weight and it’ll be interesting to see who emerges in March. I want Alexander to leave on a high note as he’s had a very good Terps career but also would like to see Goodwin wrestle a lot as he has one more year and could benefit from more experience and I’m already looking ahead to 2017
-Obviously struggling at 125 pretty bad. We’ve got 3 solid 125’s coming in next Fall but again, I am not sure if they’ll be ready on year 1. Kerry and Staff need to make us more competitive at this weight asap. I’d look at the transfer wire or even Juco next year if Crazy or Hunter Lucas need a year to redshirt and the current guys don’t improve dramatically.
-Weneski got a big win vs Michigan State. He’s 6-8 on the season and we need to remind ourselves that he is a freshmen. He obviously needs work but has shown some signs. McShea is a decent recruit and will challenge but I still see Weneski starting next year.
-I’m just looking towards the future at 174. Hopefully Idris White, Sam Rowell and maybe one of the 165 guys (Ugalde and Burnham) can step up next year and be respectable.
Again, we’re not great and won’t be this year. I am looking at this year as one where our freshmen get as much experience as possible so that we are competitive in the years to come. I see good and bad signs. Hopefully the non-starting freshen get to as many opens this winter as possible. Some of them have been slow out of the gate and we’ll need them contributing next year. 2017 is key
Some Freshmen/RS Freshman Records of note (obviously the starters are up against much better competition):
65/74-Burnham 6-6
33/41-Casella 5-7
41-Bannister 7-5
25-Beck 3-4
25-Couglin 4-8
49/57-Boychuck 7-8
49-Diehl 9-4
57-Gerish 10-7
HWT- Hemida 6-10
57-Rastrepo 2-2
25-Robinson 5-8
41-Walker 6-5
74-Rowell 4-2
97-Weneski 6-8
84-Jaron Smith 8-8
41-Whitesell 10-7
65-Ugalde 7-4
49-Pente 3-2
57-Griffith 2-7
25-Barber 1-7
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Re: Maryland Wrestling Weekend Thoughts (vs Minny & MSU)

Postby fitzi22 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:08 am

I would like to congratulate the Terps on their first big ten dual victory. I know it came against the listless MSU spartans but a win is a win and I like how our freshmen stepped up to seal the the victory at the end. Even if it wasn't an impressive victory I feel like this team needed to get that good feeling of success. Can you imagine that room if they had lost? Yikes. NE thank you for putting together the freshmen stats. Lots of youth and unfortunately no one jumps off the page like Asper, Sheptock, or J did during their true frosh year. That doesn't mean they won't be successful down the road but it would be nice to have some good signs for the future. I remember asking a few months ago who everyone thought was going to have the best redshirt season. I personally thought Restrepo, many of you said Ugalde, some even for Casella. All 3 have been disappointing thus far. They have skipped many of the tourneys and the ones they participated in they haven't faired very well. Doesn't exactly give you a warm and fuzzy feeling for next year but you never know. I am impressed with how the freshmen in general have been able to keep their heads up this year. For many of them this is the first time in their lives they have dealt with this Kind of adversity. That is a victory in and of itself. Also, so far I don't see the general defeatism that seemed to plague this team last year which is another huge victory. Bannister has some real issues. He is obviously very athletic but he relies on that too often. His technique is no where near where it needs to be to compete against good competition. You can't keep attempting an athletic diving double over and over again, it's not gonna work against ranked guys. Not to mention his body style makes it very difficult to hold anyone down so he literally has to win every match from his feet. Kind of disappointing at this point. Until he can pick his game up technique wise on his feet it will be more of the same. Go Terps!
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Re: Maryland Wrestling Weekend Thoughts (vs Minny & MSU)

Postby turtlehead » Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:17 pm

Thankfully a win. The TERPS needed that and I am glad they got it. I agree with all of the above with regard to wrestlers performing well while others under perform. Frankly I think Bannister might be falling into the same patter as Brown. They came in with a successful game plan that is clearly not working against better comp. They need to refine and get better. I hope they do. Some of the freshman are really doing well. On the other hand some of the upper classmen are not. It appears the coaching staff is loyal to a few fifth year seniors Alexander and Snook who in my opinion are being out performed by others . Alexander has had a nice career but is hurt. Goodwin seems primed to break out. I heard that Goodwin was less than pleased when after pinning Brancale on Friday Coach opted to go with Alexander on Sunday.We will see how that one plays out. A good weekend coming up for Mascola and if he can secure wins against tough Indiana and Purdue opponents he is sitting very pretty for a good Big ten seed. Go Terps.
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