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Terps midlands

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Re: Terps midlands

Postby meats » Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:42 pm

Some great ideas EngLehigh. Kerry has been Head Coach 7 years now. I hope we don't have to wait another 7 to see some of your good ideas pursued. By the way, I notice we had 6 current or future all Americans on the 09/10 roster, all but 1 recruited, I believe, by Pat Santoro. It seems now we are happy to have 1-2 guys ranked. Now that's some slippage.
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Re: Terps midlands

Postby mm55 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:58 pm

Hopefully none of you terms fans caught last night's match. It was a very uninspired performance by the terps. I don't get how Kerry Mccoy sits in his chair nonchalant and let's one of his wrestlers sit in the coaches chair the kid out on the mat.
125: the MD kid was just not as good.

133: Alexander hit a mixer and a great misdirection duck. He was one of the very who looked like he wanted to be there the whole night especially coaching the team after intermission.

141:baby j was outmatched. He kept it close but he never had ashnault in any danger.but to his credit having ashnault in danger is a rare occurance. Bannister needs to work on his gas tank and wrestling from a tie. Possibly down the road he can AA but he has a good amount of work to go.

149: Diehl didn't do bad but for being the same year as dipper,you can tell those years spent in Lynchburg hurt him.

157:mascola didn't wrestle bad but for all the AA potential hype surrounding him on this forum I wasn't impressed. Outside of the one scramble he didn't put richie Lewis in any danger.

165: Manion was completely out match by perrotti.

174: best wrestling evanovich did all match was defend repeated attacks to not get majored. Kerry McCoy's best coaching was done there.

184:Jaron smith is raw but has potential. He is very athletic but in timr could be a diamond in the rough. That fro makes him a fan favorite for whoever your team is.

197: Wesneski went out and just went after Hrymacks mask. Was out wrestled and and as I stated earlier and tried to refrain from using alot, uninspired.

285: Dawson peck got hosed. Rutgers score table screwed around with the clock on two different occasions to get billy smith his wind back. Dawson peck I feel gets him at B10s or nationals. Billy smith will not all american for sure.

Bottom line:Mccoy needs to be replaced. He wrestlers seemed to go through the motions and look nothing close to the product Santoro put out there. You would have thought the score was reversed the way he was so calm that his guys had three takedowns all night and managed probsbly just the same amount of reversals. This effort was a step up from Tom mines msu team rutgers wrestled last month.
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Re: Terps midlands

Postby fitzi22 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:49 pm

I tell ya what, I was wondering the other day if this team was any better than last years awful version of the Terps. I personally think it's a coin flip but decided to pull some stats to compare.

By 1/22/15 the Terps as a team were 5-10 and had been out scored in duals 277-323 (18.47 points per dual or .856 points for every point their opponent scored.

By 1/22/16 the Terps as a team are 4-9 and have been out scored in duals 218-279 (16.77 points per dual or .781 points for every point their opponent scores. Basically the same with this year being slightly worse.

By 1/22/15 the Terps were 3-42 against ranked opponents (6.7 winning %) and 1-22 against top ten opponents (4.3 winning %).

By 1/22/16 the Terps are 4-38 against ranked opponents (9.5 winning %) and 3-23 against top ten opponents (11.5 winning %). This year has seen a slight improvement but basically the same. We do however have 1/2 of our wins against ranked opponents and 2/3 of our wins against top ten opponents graduating this year (Alexander and Mascola).

Very simply this team isn't any good .... again. In fact they are just as awful as last years squad. Good news is it's a young team. Bad news is the young guys don't look very good and we only have 3 recruits coming in next year (only 1 top 100 guy). I will hold off from saying what I think should happen for now and cross my fingers these young guys get their act together next year (the last year of Kerry's contract). This team has faded remarkably over the last couple of years and is now in danger of becoming totally irrelevant nationally, in the conference and in the UMD community. Very sad how things have turned out.
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Re: Terps midlands

Postby EngineerLehigh » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:58 pm

Cannot argue with the stats, but overall, I think there are better wrestlers in the room than last year. Goal should get them to peak that enough of them place Top 8 at Big 10. There is still hope for UMD to salvage the season.

May have to stretch to attract more recruits to UMD pending PIAA and NJ tournaments. These are quality guys who will still develop over the next 4 years. Landing 4 by Maryland would go a long-way
Recruiting - Seniors
113 Tyson Klump, Nazareth 20-4. PIAA State Champion 2015. Will need a redshirt year to grow to 125.
113 Kevan Gentile, Jim Thorpe
138 Lucas Schaf, Emmaus 27-1
145 Stephen Maloney, Bethlehem Catholic 22-7
145 Tyler Marsh, Palisades 26-1
145 Ron Nguyen, Allentown Dieruff 19-2
152 Cole Karam, Bethlehem Catholic, 25-3
152 Anthony Duardo, Warren Hills, 19-1
182 Jayden Reyes, Allentown Dieruff, 17-3
195 Keegan Connelly, Allentown Central Catholic, 19-4
220 Joe Gladish, Allentown Central Catholic, 20-1
285 Nacho Nothnagel, Phillipsburg, NJ 20-4
285 Shai Hines, Allentown Dieruff, 21-1

Likely to be most heavily recruited eastern PA and western NJ wrestlers.
Recruiting - Juniors Landing 3 of these would be very big for UMD.
113 Luke Werner, Bethlehem Liberty, 22-5
120 Dan Moran, Northampton 25-3 2014 PIAA 2nd
126 KJ Fenstermacher, Bethlehem Liberty, 24-1
126 Matt Valli, Warren Hills, NJ 16-0
132 Jake Riegel, Wyoming Seminary/Bethlehem Catholic
145 Brock Wilson, Nazareth 22-5
160 Travis Stefanik, Nazareth, 26-2
160 Ryan Farver, Northern Lehigh, 21-1
160 Mike Fernandes, Vorhees, NJ 17-2
182 Jared Mooney, Palmerton, 24-2
220 Robert Melise, Phillipsburg, NJ, 21-2
220 Evan Callahan, Bethlehem Freedom, 14-2
285 Niko Camacho, Bethlehem Catholic, 25-1
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