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Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)

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Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)

Postby ne125 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:09 pm

Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)
A very nice and DOMINANT win against a decent Drexel team. Overall, it’s hard not to be pleased with the effort. Drexel had beaten previous #20 ranked Northwestern.
174- It’s good to see Snook back and hopefully healthy. He beat an okay kid and hopefully this is the start of good senior year for him
184- Jaron Smith keeps surprising. The kid he beat won 23 matches last year as a true freshmen and won the wilkes open. Stephen Loiseau was a very nice recruit out of PA a few years ago, winning states, placing high at the super32, and being ranked 7th nationally at 182. Smith will keep getting better and I am very interested to see how he develops this year. He’s got top 10 wrestler, TJ Dudley, on Friday who is very good though inconsistent.
197- Weneski seems to be improving too. Haddad placed 2nd in PA states a few years ago and took a redshirt last season. We need to keep in mind that he’s only a redshirt freshmen so if he keeps wrestling hard and improving, who knows where he’ll be in a few years. At minimum, a very reliable and competitive starter.

HWT- Hemida lost a close one to Joey Goohart who is a solid D1 HWt. The kid won 19 as a true freshmen and has done okay so far this year. Hemida needs to keep improving/growing into the weight class. This year will provide him a lot of good experience that will help him down the road. No clue on Peck’s situation though I did see he took 2nd at PSU open. I guess we’ll see both of them for the rest of the year.
125-I think Simmons is improving as well. He lost by a point to a pretty decent Drexel kid. Simmons has talent and ability and hopefully he keeps improving and learning to wrestle at the big ten level. The key for the terps is if he could become a reliable starter and start again next year at 125 giving the incoming freshmen an opportunity to redshirt
133-Goodwin got a needed win before wrestling a big match vs Montoya of Nebraska (ranked 11). Tyler could win that bout if he wrestles a complete, mistake free and focused 7 minutes. Looks like Alexander is back as well.
141-Bannister beat a tough kid in Devoy. Devoy won the EIWA’s and I believe beat Alexander in the first round of nationals last year. I’d say that Bannister has had the toughest competition of any terp so far this year. He has a big match on Friday against the Nebraska kid who is ranked about 7th. I still think Bannister can beat about any guy in the country on a good day.
149- Hodges loses 10-2 against Cimato who is ranked in the top 10 and just coming off a huge win vs National Champion Tsirtis. Hodges gets the opportunity to wrestle #5 Suefleohn on Fridaey. This is a great opportunity for Hodges to show he is catching upto the best in the nation.
157- Mascola struggled against a kid that he is definitely better than. These matches will happen from time to time during a long season. It’s good he pulled the match out when he was not at his best
165-Again another nice performance by Burnham in beating a decent Drexel starter. He’s got the number 5 kid in the county on Friday which will make him better in the long run. He keeps improving and improving. He might be the surprise of the season so far for UMD considering he didn’t place in PA last year

PSU Open
I am a little disappointed in the fact that a lot of our true freshmen redshirts were not in attendance. This includes guys like Rastrepo, Ugalde, Rowell, and Whisler. None of these guys has had many matches so far this season and there is only one more tournament left in 2015 (Wilkes). Also, there aren’t a lot of open tourney’s during the 2nd semester. All four of these guys could start next year so it’s disappointing they aren’t getting the experience they need like guys have done in the past during their true freshmen redshirt years (e.g.- Shyheim Brown, Alfred Bannister, Josh Asper, Garret Weneski all had 30+ matches in their redshirt years).
Once again we witnessed the mysterious open tournament injury default bug. This time Peck and Alexander decided not to finish the tourney while in the championship bracket. I don’t understand this at all. Peck and Alexander were having nice tournaments up to that point and were due to face good competition in the Finals and Quarters respectively. Maybe the strategy was to ease Alexander into competition since he’s been hurt. Josh Llopez injury defaulted in his first match and didn’t wrestle back. He’ll fit right in if he’s here next spring. On a serious note, he’s up at 184 which I don’t think is his ideal weight. The terps need him at 174 and he should perform better at his true fighting weight. The terps are in great shape at 184 with Whisler and Jaron Smith.
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Re: Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)

Postby turtlehead » Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:10 am

Good thoughts. I agree it was a nice win and we have struggled against teams like Drexel the last few years. The young kids are really doing well. Bannisters win was nice as well. Mascola has now thrown in 2 clunkers in a row but they were wins nonetheless which is important. He will really need to amp up his game this week against Berger from Nebraska.
As for the PSU Open agree totally. It is my understanding that Alexander might be on a match limit to he is fully healthy, but not sure what Peck's deal is. Also if Peck gets back in the lineup again, Kerry should be scrutinized for pulling Hermida red shirt. the kid could have benefited from a year to develop. Expect the swicharoo shortly from Hodges to Brown perhaps as early as the Midlands. My guess is that Alexander/Goodwin Brown/Hodges and Peck/Hermida will all be entered and the guy who does the best will end up the starter for semester 2. Just a hunch.
I hope we are competitive against Nebraska but do not think we will be favored in any bout. Go Terps.
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Re: Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)

Postby ne125 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:44 am

Yes, we are definitely underdogs in every bout but this is a chance for our guys to show how tough they are and how well they can battle versus one of the nation’s best teams. Let’s hope we can pull a few upsets and then also compete hard in matches where we lose. This is all a building process at this point and the wrestlers should cherish these opportunities to test themselves and see how far they need to go to become nationally competitive wrestlers. This is a huge match for Bannister and Mascola. Both are fringe all-american guys right now and this sort of win will give them confidence, move them up in the rankings and give them momentum for March. In terms of the switcheroo you are alluding to, I agree that the person who gives you the best chance of winning in matches and tourney’s is the person to go. Wrestle offs are not even a factor in my mind. Who can win is the bottom line. That said, Hemida and Peck overlap in years so I don’t think it was a bad idea to get hemida into the mix and maybe he can redshirt next year if Peck is here and focused. I think they should both get matches during the 2nd semester and whoever does the best should goto big tens. As for 133, that will be interesting to watch. I think Alexander has proven himself more on a national level but you wonder if he has recovered from his injury enough, has gotten over a disappointing junior year and is ready to go. He beat two solid kids easily at the nittany lion open so that is a good sign . We’ll see, both should be national qualifiers I would think with hopes for more. I thought Brown was out for the year at 149? He had a disappointing year last season as well but obviously is a tough wrestler. He had a bunch of matches won versus good guys only to trip up and lose at the end. He’s going to have his hands full with Hodges regardless as Wade is already proving he can battle with & beat some very solid D1 guys.
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Re: Terps thoughts- Weekend of 12/5 (PSU Open and Drexel)

Postby EngineerLehigh » Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:32 pm

I had a rare opportunity to see Maryland wrestle live at Grapple at the Garden. What I came away with is that they are having fun as a team and wrestle with a high level of intensity. They also seemed to be looking for pins too. Kerry might not be 10 deep, but he has a good solid 4-6 wrestlers who could breakthrough by Big 10 and place there in Top 4.

The recruiting this year is not that deep, but good quality.

Some under the radar PA guys who have no verbal yet. These 13 will have very good runs in their senior year. Getting 4 of these to Maryland would add depth and likely an emerging varsity or two over 5 years.

113 Joe Lobeck Lancaster Catholic PIAA 2nd AA
120 Tyshawn White Central Dauphin PIAA 3rd AAA
126 Lucas Miller Boyertown PIAA 5th AAA
126 Charles Johnson Wyoming Area PIAA 5th AA
132 Evan Fidelibus Easton PIAA 3rd 41-2 AAA
132 Lucas Schaf Emmaus PIAA 8th AAA
138 Stephen Maloney Bethlehem Catholic PIAA 6th AAA
170 Jared Siegrist Manheim Central PIAA 6th AAA
182 Greg Harvey Boyertown PIAA 6th AAA
182 Jayden Reyes Allentown Dieruff PIAA 8th AAA
285 Tom Killoran Boyertown PIAA 6th AAA
285 Bruce Graeber Neshaminy PIAA 5th AAA
285 Jacob Besistel Southmoreland PIAA 2nd
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