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Terps thoughts

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Terps thoughts

Postby ne125 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:33 pm

Terps wrestling thoughts
I think UMD had a decent day yesterday versus Hofstra and Illinois. Obviously, there is always some good and bad. I thought the Good was VERY GOOD.

149-Wade Hodges beat the #19 ranked kid in the country (Kyle Langenderder). Kyle was 3rd place in last year’s big ten. Was ranked as high as 12 last year. Wade then pinned his Hofstra opponent who wasn’t a slouch. Hodges looks like he will have a great career and is doing better than I envisioned this year. This is the sort of effort we need to get back into the thick of things
184- Jaron Smith pinned the #18 ranked kid in the country. Jeff Koepke was 6th in the big ten last year and a NCAA placer. Smith wrapped him up in a cradle and stuck him Great win. Keopke also took 6th in the midlands last year. Jaron lost a close decision to a veteran Hofstra guy but showed what his potential is yesterday. He needs to get better on his feet as he’s giving up too many takedowns but that will come in time. As I told you in the past, I know one of his club coaches and he thinks the world of Jaron (e.g.- Character, Work ethic, wrestling potential, academics etc). I thought Jaron looked like a decent sized 184 (could he be a candidate for 197 in a few years)?
Bad news- Mark Collabucci screwed up his knee and maybe done for the year. I feel bad for Mark as it was great to see him become a terp and as his dad is one of the best wrestlers in UMD history. College wrestling is a grind and unfortunately Mark fell victim to the knee injury . It happens. Hopefully David Whisler is healed up and ready to get some experience in the redshirt open circuit. Wrestling Jaron this year gives the terps staff flexibility in terms of redshirting him in the future
HWT- IT looks like Hemida is out of redshirt too. I am happy to see the youth movement. Who knows what the heck is up with Peck. One of you mentioned he wasn’t wrestling due to a ‘coaches decision’. That sounds ominous. I wouldn’t think Kerry and Reiter would pull Hemida out of redshirt unless Peck’s outlook looked bleak. I am from the outside looking in but this is Peck’s 3rd stop and sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with difficult circumstances, whatever they may be. Who knows. Hemida wrestled two hammers yesterday and lost but I look forward to seeing how he will develop. He was a big time recruit and going into the HWT weight class as a true frosh isn’t easy.
Burnham had a decent day. He lost 13-8, to Steve Rodrigues, a 5th year senior who was a NCAA qualifier and Midlands placer. He also beat a solid Hofstra kid. Again, he looks like a real sleeper after his win against Iowa last week. I expect him to get better and better.
Overall, I am happy with the youth movement. Hopefully we keep the true freshmen redshirting do well on the open circuit.
Baby J lost to two good kids. I would have expected him to have beaten both of them but he lost close bouts. Again, it’s just one bad day so no need to over think this. Alfred just has to keep getting better and I think he will. He’s going to have a million opportunities to prove himself.
Snook had a rough debut as he might be shaking off the rust from his injury. Again, not sure what Llopez’s status is for the spring but he’ll definitely challenge here if he is eligible. It would be great to get Josh into the program. I haven’t seen him wrestle in any opens in the fall but I could’ve missed it’
Good to see Weneski get a win verse a PA kid who had decent credentials in higschool
Martinez is on a different planet right now, so no shame in Lou’s loss. Of course I would’ve liked to see a more competitive match but I am not concerned either.
Goodwin got stuck by Richards who seems to have his way with our 133 pounders. Goodwin has all the tools but needs to improve his defense, conditioning and mental toughness. He scores a lot of points but needs to be more stingy with the points he allows. Hopefully he will get there. Who knows what’s going on with Alexander.
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby turtlehead » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:47 pm

That was very good analysis. I was there and watched the Terps beat a decent Hofstra team but get manhandled by Illinois. The young guys appear to be studs no doubt. All that have made their debuts have looked impressive. I wonder if Kerry can hang in there long enough to coach them as seniors. I have my doubts on that. Having said that I was hoping for a better showing out of Mascola and Bannister. Granted Lou had Martinez who is the standard, but it was basically a redo of last years tech. He did not show he gained any ground. He also had to gut out a win over the Hofstra guy. Baby J is interesting. Anyone who watches can see if his double is stopped he has difficulty against top guys. He has enough talent to be in the mix, lets see if the coaching brings him to then next level.
I was most impressed with Wade Hodges who really looks good. I do have a feeling however that his spot is only temporary Shyheim Brown is due back. Frankly I would love to see Hodges stay in there, but it is not likely.
The most distressing thing of all was watching Rutgers beat Cornell and thinking, why are they so much better than us.
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby John Henning » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:05 pm

Referring to Hofstra as a 'decent team' is quite generous.

My take on why Rutgers has overtaken UMD: they have been successful in keeping more and more of the NJ stars, beginning with Ashnault....whereas UMD missed a recruiting cycle (or two) which cannot happen in the B1G. That class where you missed out on Hernandez and another really good guy really hurt. UMD is close enough to PA/NJ/NY to grab a few stars every year. You signed Hermidia last year...he'll eventually be good for you guys.
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby MadHatter » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:12 am

I agree with NE125- we saw some pretty good and some pretty bad last weekend. That seems to be the story of the season thus far, but I'll take it, compared to where we were last year.

Great weekend for Hodges, with 2 nice wins. Awesome to see a true freshman holding his own against quality opponents. Assuming he can stay healthy and happy, he is looking to have a nice career (let's be honest, keeping wrestlers on the team and focused seems to have been a challenge the last few years).

Great job by Jaron also. Pins don't come easy in D1, especially against quality opponents. Whether or not he "caught" Koepke is academic- the W/6 is what matters here, and I can't think of a better way to start off a career. I don't want to get ahead of myself here, and we have a long season ahead of us, but I'm pretty excited about Jaron's potential. Just for shits and giggles, I re-watched Jaron vs. Miles Martin in the Maryland all-star meet last year. Of course Jaron gave up the pin, but for 4 minutes he went toe to toe with one of the top P4P wrestlers in the county. We all know that MD public wrestlers fly way, way under the radar. Well, maybe we've really landed a keeper here...

Tough news for Collabucci. To some degree I get the feeling that Mark came back to MD to finish up in his native state, at the program where his pop was successful. I used to be pretty good friends with Mark's brother, and I watched Mark win his second state title with his family and teammates (good people). Just a tough way to go out, after 15-odd years of competing.

Mascola isn't on the same level as Imar; few college wrestlers are. Their match is up on flo, and it has actually attracted a fair amount of attention (most of it against Lou), for the amount of cheap shots in it. Now, to my (very biased) eyes, it just looked like an intense match, with perhaps a bit of overly aggressive hand fighting. Well, cheap or not, I like a guy who goes forward and has some attitude. As we all know, this is something that has been sorely lacking the last few years for the Terps.

I really thought Baby J should have beaten Erwin. He showed his usual arsenal of offensive moves- but Erwin just shut them down. Erwin reminds me of Todd Preston, another wrestler who has given J fits for years: tall, lanky, control based, makes few mistakes, takes few chances. Well, hopefully the 2 losses in a row won't get J down. He is still a tough little monster who is fun to watch, and will probably have a nice career.

So is that it for Peck? As per statements I made earlier, this shouldn't come as a surprise- any time you see a sophomore who is attending his third school, it's a bad sign. Now, I know nothing about Peck, his history, or his current situation. But logic tells me that when you have a tested wrestler in the lineup, you redshirt the true freshman (who also wrestled 220 in HS). The fact that they scrapped Hemida's redshirt speaks of desperation.

Burnham looks to be a fairly legit D1 guy. Who knows, maybe he could be another John Kohler- another unheralded and under the radar guy who panned out really nicely. Again, early in the season...

Brown, Peck, Diehl, White, Lopez, Alexander... so many questions. One tough part of being a fan of our sport is the chronic lack of media attention. If a starter on a football or basketball team suddenly disappears off the face of the earth, people notice and ask questions. However, us wrestling fans are stuck with forums and the official Terps site, which rivals Stalinist Russia in terms of spin and coverage.

All in all, I'll take the Grapple results. Illinois handled us pretty badly last year- in fact, the Illinois loss last year was perhaps the ugliest of the whole season (and that's saying a lot). We beat a legit D1 team handily, and saw some nice things out of our young talent. Baby steps, bay steps...
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby meats » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:14 pm

I enjoyed all the chatter here from those that really understand the sport. Nice job to all. As a sports fan that has fallen in love with this sport, I do find it very frustrating that key wrestlers disappear regularly over the years with no indication what happened to them. Injury, grades, transfer, stopped wrestling to become a monk, etc. , who knows. If the sport wants to create wrestling fans, why so darn secretive about the squad? Can you imagine if Melo Trimble or Jake Layman suddenly was out of the basketball lineup for a month or more, trust me, the reason would get out. This sport does not make it easy to be a serious fan or do enough to create new ones. I remember a few years ago I had to go over to personally ask Jimmy Sheptock if he planned to wrestle again. He was gracious and seemed to appreciate my interest. Lord knows that was the only way I was going to find out he planned to be back the next season. And it raised my interest level. Just a rant from a fan that wants more.
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby fitzi22 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:35 am

Wow great weekend of wrestling and some very informative comments. I think the Terps wrestled about as well as they could have team wise. Anytime you start 4 true freshmen and another 2 redshirt freshmen you know you are in trouble against legit teams. That being said we lost to Hofstra last year so to beat them this year shows improvement (I know its just Hofstra not PSU but I will take what I can get). The freshmen have been the story thus far and I expect that to continue. Unfortunately the veterans on this team are falling apart (injuries, academics....) which happened to the Terps last year as well but they had no one to step up and fill the void. We have had to shelf a lot of redshirts already and don't be surprised if more follow suit this year. Luckily this freshmen class is feisty and surprisingly doesn't seem fazed by D1 competition thus far. Baby J has great potential but needs to expand his game a bit. His style keeps matches close and if opponents stop his limited offensive attacks he gets in trouble. His style is more conducive to taking an early lead and working from there, so I would like to see him come out more aggressive from the start and set the tone in the match. In terms of the awkward silence when it comes wrestlers status, I agree with Meats that it is unbelievably frustrating that we as fans have to sit here guess what the deal is. This isn't a UMD problem alone but rather an industry issue. I understand coaches don't want to overplay their hand on some injuries to keep their opponents guessing for upcoming duals, but I don't think the Terps have to worry about Iowa winning a dual because Brands was able to manipulate his lineup ahead of time. I do think a lot of the issues with the Terps stem from academics which is embarrassing for the school, team and wrestler, and I think their go to move is to keep everyone in the dark to try and save face. It never works as the info drips out over a longer period of time causing more of a stir and I think this is more indicative of our recruiting problems as a whole. UMD has been unable to recruit good academic college wrestlers for years now (not looking for a 4.0 here just get into school and stay eligible.... really not asking a lot). This has led Kerry and Co. to recruit good wrestlers with questionable or poor academics that no other good program will touch. These individuals struggle to get into school and if they make it in they struggle with eligibility. To balance out the academic issue we then recruit guys with great academics that are not D1 quality to raise the team average. Great plan except when the good guy cant make grades the poor wrestler steps in and we get the situation we had last year. Now obviously this doesn't apply to all wrestlers on the team but I do feel the Terps have a disproportionately large number of these situations. I don't think that is the case with the current class of freshmen which is why we look better this year, even if its marginally so. Yes this was a long post and no I don't like making separate paragraphs. Go Terps!!
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby ne125 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:10 am

Yeah, I hear what you guys are saying. Kerry sends out the terp wrestling updates with relative frequency but he isn’t very candid in those emails. A lot of coaches in all sports are tight lipped so I can’t blame him to some extent. Also, he’s in a tough spot to some degree as he can’t really tell the fans the real reason behind things because it would be unloyal to wrestler involved. He also has to be very careful because those emails go to a wide audience and he has to consider that downstream effect so he errors on the side of caution. Rob Koll will throw that all out there and I think that’s great but not everyone has that style. That said, while I certainly don’t expect to hear the real reason why Peck has been MIA, I would hope for less generic updates. I feel like fans would more closely follow individual wrestlers and the program if there was a story being told as the season progresses.
Again, if Eiter and McCoy pulled Hemida’s redshirt, I have to believe that Peck’s situation looks bleak. I hope not for his sake but what other conclusion can someone draw? The silver lining for the staff is that they will get Peck’s money back to reinvest. Obviously I would rather that Shy Brown be eligible, Peck have his act together, and Collabucci to be healthy, but this gives our freshman invaluable experience that will serve them well down the road. By and large, this class of true freshmen looks pretty good. We just need them all to keep improving a ton and give us fans hope that a big leap will occur in 2016-17. Word about Hodges is he is super focused and has a great work ethic so beyond the results, that is very encouraging. Bannister’s losses are a little concerning but Hudson is a stud and Ervin isn’t bad. I agree with you madhatter that Alfred should’ve beat Ervin. I think we do need remember he is only a redshirt freshmen so still learning. He’s a competitor so I expect he’ll figure things out. He needs to get better on the mat. That could make a difference between him placing and only winning a bout or two this year at NCAA. Jaron needs to improve on his feet some (almost all freshmen due) and stay healthy (that has been an issue in his past) and I think he could have a great career. He’s supposed to be a super focused/hard working kid too. I think the attitude in the room is different now with this influx of kids. Good point you make about Burham maybe being another Kohler/Schlaffer/Kyle John type of kid. We’ve desperately missed these types of kids as well as the blue chips Also, regarding 125 & 197 (our biggest ?? weights), I think both Simmons and Weneski are improving. Again, let’s just hope they get better and better. I want to have success this year but I am more focused on next year and beyond. Again, so many things still up in the air:
1. Does Llopez come in the spring?. If he does, how good is he? We’ve seen Diehl struggle to adjust. Llopez was remarkable in highschool but then his star began to fade some in his senior year (I think mainly because he was too high up in weight).
2. Speaking of Diehl, can he show why he was one of the top recruits in the nation a few years back? I expect him at 149 next year to battle Brown and maybe Hodges can redshirt. Just a guess
3. Can one of our 125 lbrs become a national qualifier in the next two seasons?
4. Does Idris White join the program?
5. Who emerges at 197?
6. Can Rappo get down to 133 to challenge an often injured Tyler Goodwin next year?
7. Can Rastrepo, Whisler and Uglade live up to their promise as the three highest rated recruits in this freshmen class?
8. Does the Terrapin Wrestling Club start employing more coaches/athletes to help our program like our big ten peers benefit from?
9. Can the terps land a blue chip or two (top 35 guy) in 2016-17.
Finally, I know some details of this incoming class fall class and it looks ‘pretty good’ We know about Cray, Cappello, McShea and there are a few others I am waiting to be officially announced. Again, lots of solid depth guys, no blue chips. We are going to have some incredible depth though. I hope that UMTERPS.com issues a press release like other school did with early singings. Is it me or is that website terrible these days? It’s layout is confusing , the ads are overwhelming and their wrestling updates are crap. Anyway, we need to win Saturday and also see as many freshmen as possible at PSU open. Is the varsity going?
Also, everyone say a prayer for Allen Brown and his full recovery. Allen is actually a terps alumn.
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Re: Terps thoughts

Postby EngineerLehigh » Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:02 am

UMD has numbers in the room again. A decent redshirting class. Has some good quality from NJ/NY this recruiting cycle.
10-21-15 Maryland Brady Ford Bergen Catholic NJ 157
09-21-15 Maryland Brandon Cray Steinert NJ 125
10-18-15 Maryland Niko Cappello Cranford NJ 174/184
11-18-15 Maryland Nick McShea Monroe Woodbury NY 197

PIcking up Evan Fidelibus/Easton, PA or Jayden Reyes/Allentown Dieruff, PA would benefit the team. Do not know what scholarship money will be available or other financial aid mechanism, but UMD has to recruit VA MD DE WV PA OH NJ NY hard and get Top 3 wrestlers from each of those states to stay competitive in Big 10.

The win over Drexel was a solid win. That impressed me as I though Drexel had a pretty good team.
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