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Maryland 2017

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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby TwoCrows » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:38 pm

It was pointed out on the Penn State forum that Ryan Diehl Beat Jason Nolf 6 - 4 in the semis of the 2012 PIAA (AA) championships, thereby keeping Nolf from being a 4 time champ. Going back ann looking at the results of that tournament is interesting. Elliott Riddick, Darian and Randy Cruz (Lehigh), Jimmy Guilbon (Penn State) also won titles and have had successful college careers, as have other place winners Zeke Moisey, Nick Zanetta, Mike Racciato, and Peter Renda, to nname a few.
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby MadHatter » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:16 am

Day 2 matchups:

Diehl caught a lucky break by advancing via medical forfeit. However he caught a very unlucky break when Tommy Thorn scored the second biggest upset of Day One by pinning Joey McKenna, sending him down to the consolation rounds where Diehl gets him. Tough break- Diehl gets the #3 and #4 guys in his first three matches. Diehl put together a nice B10 tourney and he really seemed to be getting everything together. But I just don't see him getting past McKenna.

Bannister gets Kargbo from George Mason, whom he beat in OT (2-1) back in December. Baby J seems to have opened up a bit more recently and is wrestling fairly well. If he gets past Kargbo, which he should, he'll get the winner of Coleman Hammond from Cal State, who just beat highly-regarded Davion Jeffries, and Wisconsin's Andrew Crone. Both of these guys are very beatable. Baby J just has to do what he does- open up, push the action from neutral, and operate from space. It's tough looking this far ahead, but if he can get these 2 wins, he'll be in position to wrestle the loser of Thomsen from Northern Iowa, and his old nemesis Theobold, whom he has split 1-point decisions with this season.

Hemida had a nice win in the first consolation round over Tynan from North Dakota State, a wrestler he lost to a few months back. Next up is Kosoy from NC State. NC State wrestlers are hard to judge- they usually carry nice W/L records, but they have a habit of not showing real well at NCAA's. Regardless, Kosoy got past Jensen in the first round, who blanked Hemida 9-0 just 2 weeks ago. If he gets past Kossy, he'll probably run into Billy Miller from Edinboro, who will be very tough.

To summarize: Diehl will need the match of his life to stay alive. Bannister has a very real shot at placing, with no obvious super-studs between him and All-American status. Hemida will have his work cut out for him, but he may do a bit more damage in the consolation brackets.
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby MadHatter » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:31 am

TwoCrows wrote:It was pointed out on the Penn State forum that Ryan Diehl Beat Jason Nolf 6 - 4 in the semis of the 2012 PIAA (AA) championships, thereby keeping Nolf from being a 4 time champ. Going back ann looking at the results of that tournament is interesting. Elliott Riddick, Darian and Randy Cruz (Lehigh), Jimmy Guilbon (Penn State) also won titles and have had successful college careers, as have other place winners Zeke Moisey, Nick Zanetta, Mike Racciato, and Peter Renda, to nname a few.

TwoCrows, it's pretty fun to get lost down the rabbit hole of old bracket sheets- Pennsylvania in particular. State bracket sheets from PA are usually a who's who of future wrestling stars, and one can find lots of interesting results of future All-Americans and champions going against each other. Looking over the 2012 AA PA sheets, I see a few more: Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), Cody Law (Penn State), Tristan Sponseller (Lock Haven), Ray O'Donnell (Princeton), Ryan Solomon (Pitt).
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby Terpfan » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:29 pm

So, now that this disappointing year has finally ended, what news? It looks like Ohio State got a transfer from Pitt, and I imagine that nothing much will happen with MD, until the coaching situation is settled. I hope they make that decision quickly and give who ever is new a real chance to shake some trees to get some excitement back to the Terps. I thought it funny that Oklahoma State Basketball lost their coach the minute they were out of March Madness, and he went straight to Illini job. The Terps need to make a splash with the coach, as it seems much of the recruiting excitement for upcoming year is over.

My fingers are crossed that their will be some reason to come back and read this board in the next nine months.
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby meats » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:24 pm

Terpfan, I could not agree with you more and your last sentence perfectly sums up my strong feelings as well. You hit the nail squarely on the head. I love this sport but I can no longer face the prospect of endless disappointing seasons with little or no confidence that things will ever get meaningfully better. Now is the time for the AD's office to demonstrate they actually care about the program. Anything less than a head coaching change will simply be too frustrating for me to handle. These are very nervous for serious Terp wrestling fans.
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby ne125 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:45 am

Tick tock, tick tock……. You would think a decision one way or another would be made swiftly. However, when it comes to UMD Athletic Administration, nothing surprises me. It’s never a good thing when people with a very limited wrestling background make decisions about wrestling programs. That’s why our sport needs more allies in administration. I’m not saying that it would happen but it would be great IF they had decided to move on to then give Kerry an associate AD job. I think he would be very good at that. Coincidentally I heard that the administrator over wrestling is moving on. Who knows what implication that has on Kerry or his future as coach. Anyway, I would have thought we’d hear something by now but it can’t be too much sooner. However, the more times goes on, the more likely it is in my opinion that they are just working on a contract extension for Kerry. If they were going to move on, they’d need as much time as possible to find a replacement. There wouldn’t be any need to string this on. If Kerry does stay on, I hope that he can shake up his staff. Nothing against the guys on the staff but it’s hard to compete again their peers who have Donnie Pritzlaff, Sean Bormet, Mark Perry types as head assistants. These are guys who were incredible wrestlers, are well known in the wrestling community and known commodities as recruiters. All top programs have an elite assistant, if not two. Maybe if Kerry is extended it will be a signal to others that they’ll be on staff for a while & have some job security. I heard Kerry had difficulty finding a top assistant last year to replace Eiter because it was well known he was in a lame duck situation. This is not saying anything bad about Jimmy Sheptock as he’s great to have in our program but he doesn’t have the experience that other top assistants have. NCSU has Frank Beasley who is an ace recruiter. VA tech had Robie who now took over their program, UVA has Jordan Leen who’s been around and knows the ropes. You need a top assistant who is good enough to take over the program if the head coach leaves right away. This obviously isn’t the case here at UMD. Most of these top assistants are in their 30’s and 40’s which demonstrates the needed experience coaching at the college level.
I think our program has had an influx in talent but I know Eiter was the lead recruiter on some of these guys. He has a good reputation recruiter. If Kerry has a weakness, it is recruiting so hopefully they can get someone who can come in and fill that void. I’m not trying to be negative but recruiting rankings speak for themselves. Regardless of whomever is the next coach, the administration needs to step up and fund the assistant coaching positions better. I’m not saying Kerry isn’t accountable for our 2-16 record and 1 big ten win in 3 years because he is. However, they need to give him more resources to succeed. We should be a lot better next year IF guys stay healthy and put in a ton of work in the off season. I know I'm a broken record when I say that. In years past, guys were doing a lot more freestyle and Greco spring wrestling. I think this has died down some recently. Just my very amateur 2 cents.
Some big questions heading into next year:
• Beck has improved but Cray is the future. Can he add size and strength to deal with the big ten opponents?
• Is Tyler Goodwin coming back at 133? He has one more year left of eligibility. I heard why he wasn’t in the lineup and while bad, I wouldn’t think it was a career ender. If not, who the heck starts at 133?
• Diehl needs to stay down at 141 and keep improving in all areas. He should start out top 20 ranked
• Someone has to emerge at 157 whether it is Justin Alexander, Danny Boychuck or Wade Hodges. Those are three decent guys but one has to take a hold of the job and distance themselves from the pack. I heard recently that Rastrepo has a major injury and may not be back next year.
• Can Cochran step in day one and make an impact? I think he can.
• Can Uglade or Idris White take a huge leap up and be competitive at 174? Both have potential but had very challenging seasons.
• Is Jaron Smith healthy and able to compete at 84? (This & 133 are huge need weight classes to recruit)
• Whisler and Hemida need to get bigger, add strength.
*and Obviously, if Kerry is the coach, will he finally make some big changes in the off season?
IF Goodwin is back, we could start the year with 4 top 20 ranked wrestlers in Hemida, Bannister, Diehl and Goodwin.
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby fitzi22 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:00 pm

I kinda figured the athletic department would complete a review of the wrestling program at the end of the season. You know, what we did, what we need to do, where we are and where we want to be sorta thing. This will probably take some time and is essential to make decisions moving forward. That being said the proformance of the team at the end of the year seriously boosted Kerry McCoy. As previously stated we will be returning 3 of our 4 NCAA qualifiers in addition to Cray coming off redshirt, Goodwin returning (hopefully but he will probably still only be good for 10 matches) and incoming freshman Cochran. All and all it will be a better team next year regardless of who the coach is, including Kerry. Also Kerry sticking it out with this team earns him some browny points after the Kevin Jackson Iowa state fiasco. Nothing is worse than a coach quitting when the going gets tough.

If Kerry stays as the coach we have a chance of being good again, but potentially being good may be as far as we get with Kerry and the current makeup of the staff. We can be really good and maybe even great if a few things happen though (these aren't listed in any particular order). #1 Kerry moves into administration where wrestling gets an ally that knows of the challenges facing this program in this conference. #2 we increase assistant salaries and go for broke to get great assistants. #3 a new head coach and seeing how it looks like it might be hard to get Kolat I would go for Casey Cunningham with everything we've got. Just like 20 years ago when every school in the Big Ten decided if they couldn't beat Iowa they should join them and hired head coaches from Iowa in droves, I think the same thing will happen with PSU. Sanderson is on to something up there and it's blowing everyone away. UMD can get in on the action early on and I absolutely think they should. The tough sell to Cunningham will be peeling him away from PSU in the middle of a dynasty. But if we allow him to hire good assistants you never know. #4 is alumni support. Regardless who the next coach is we are going to need $$$$ to make this happen and lots of it. We need more people to participate in friends of Maryland wrestling and we need to sell more ticket packages. Obviously a good hire will help boost the bottom line but as alumni we have to know we have a responsibility in this as well. The next month should be interesting. Go Terps!!!
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Re: Maryland 2017

Postby GoTerps1 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:46 pm

There is no performance based argument that can be put forward to justify retaining Kerry as HC.

He has two AA wrestlers to his credit in 9 years as HC (Asper was a Santoro recruit).

He has won exactly one conference match in 3 seasons: one win and 26 losses.

The recruiting failures at this point are legion.

If Kerry was going to win at Maryland, he'd have done it by now.

Santoro is evidence that wrestling success can be had at Maryland. Kerry just can't do the job.

It's more than time for Maryland to move on.
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